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A unique opportunity to hone your skills and enhance your professionalism.

How it works

Receive your instructions.

Watch the LIVE launch of the latest Working to a Brief assignment (or catch up on the replay), and read the detailed brief.

Each brief we assign contains detailed information about what you need to deliver, from the objective and purpose of the image or film to its lighting, mood and composition.
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Deliver what the client wants.

Stay focused on their demands and expectations, and harness all of your skills and expertise to meet them.

Each brief gives you a unique opportunity to practice responding to the kind of commercial brief you would be given by a client or art director hiring you for a job.
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Submit your work for review.

Every submission we receive is reviewed in a follow-up live workshop – a rare chance to get detailed professional feedback on your creative work.

By helping you learn how to execute work to a commercial standard, our ‘Working to a Brief’ assignments offer a great way to hone your creative skills and enhance your professionalism.
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Looking to step up into the commercial world? Already working with commercial clients? Improve your chances of professional success by Working to Brief.

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Working to a Brief 17: Handbag

For our seventeenth Working to a Brief assignment, we're mixing things up a little!

Deadline: 18th July 2024

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