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As a member of Visual Education, you qualify for exclusive discounts from our partner companies. To claim your discount, please fill out the members benefits and discounts form.

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Big savings with our partner discounts

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Save on Broncolor

Discounts available on selected lighting modifiers and accessories from Broncolor.

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Hasselblad Discounts

Contact us for premium deals on Hasselblad products. As an ambassador for the brand Karl will be happy to direct you to the right product and get you the best deal.

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Save with Robert White

Discounts are available from Robert White, one of the UK's leading photographic retailers. Get 10% off Voigtlander, TetherTools, Walkstool, Custom Brackets, Hedler, Honl Photo, Pony clamps and TriggerSmart products or 5% off LEE Filters, Zeiss Lenses, Arca Swiss, Fogg bags, Gitzo, Quantum.

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V-Flat World Discount

As a member of Visual Education, you can save $15 on your purchases of V-Flats (excluding Tabletop V-Flats) from V-Flat World.

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Save 15% on Lastolite

Use your member benefits to get discounts on Lastolite reflectors and associated products Available from


Save 15% on Gitzo

Get discounts on Gitzo tripods. Available from

National Geographic

15% off National Geographic Camera Bag Collections

Get 15% off National Geographic Camera Bags at


Save 15% on Colorama

Use your member benefits to get 15% discounts on Colorama backgrounds, paper backgrounds and background supports at

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15% off Miops

Save 15% on Miops Triggers at You can use these incredible triggers for a variety of situations including sound, laser, lighting and remote camera activation.

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Save 10% on Squarespace

Get 10% discount and a free two week trial on a brand new photography website from Squarespace.

10% off photographic printing at FitzLab

Get 10% off all your orders from this professional printing laboratory, covering everything from canvas mounts to fine art large format printing.

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