What is Visual Education? Q&A with Karl Taylor

Where did Karl Taylor Education go?

It’s still here! It just has a new identity: Visual Education.

We may have a new name (plus a snazzy new logo and colour scheme), but our mission remains the same. All of our classes, replays and resources are exactly where they were before.

Are you retiring, Karl?

I wish! Seriously though, the answer is no. I’m as committed to our platform as ever. We have all kinds of new classes and live workshops in the pipeline, which I’m excited to share with you in the months and years to come.
Visual Education Photography Class Images

Has Karl Taylor Education been bought by a giant, faceless mega-corporation?

No! Visual Education is still owned and operated by the same people who owned Karl Taylor Education/Photography. We’re the same small team with the same big goals – we just have a new sign over the studio door.

Why have you changed your name?

As we continue to expand the range of visual-art genres and contributing experts featured on our platform, we wanted a new identity to reflect our commitment to delivering effective and entertaining online education across ALL aspects of the visual arts – lighting, photography, filmmaking, post-production, CGI, graphic design, and more.
Visual Education Logo Variations

What’s the deal with the new logo?

It’s inspired by that simplest of visual learning tools, the shape sorter. By playing with shape sorters, children develop their earliest awareness of colour, form and space – fundamental elements of visual art.

The logo represents our commitment to teaching all aspects of the visual arts, from the fundamental tools and essential principles to the most complex concepts and advanced techniques. And our beautiful gradient colour scheme acknowledges the science and art of colour, light, contrast and motion essential to all forms of visual art.

Visual Education Photography Class Images

What is Visual Education exactly?

Our platform is designed for all visual artists – including you! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already deep into a professional career, you’ll find a vast amount of useful information and instruction to help you improve.

The world of digital media has changed significantly over the last decade. Gone are the days of being ‘just’ a photographer. To really thrive, the visual artists of today – and tomorrow – need expertise and experience in all aspects of visual media, including video, CGI, post-production, and more.

At Visual Education, we continue to broaden and deepen the range of courses we offer to serve the diverse needs of our subscribers.

Visual Education Photography Class Images

Do you still care about photography?

Absolutely. I love photography as much today as I did when I first decided to devote my life to it. Photography has always been at the heart of what we do, and it will continue to be something we specialise in.

But to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, contemporary visual artists need expertise in multiple disciplines. And that’s exactly what we offer.

What does all this mean for my membership?

Nothing you need to worry about. Your subscription remains exactly as it was before we launched our new brand. Monthly and Annual Plan subscriptions will renew as normal. Subscription payments will appear on your bank statements as ‘Visual Exposure Limited’, just as before.

Most importantly, you’ll continue to enjoy full, unlimited access to all of our classes and resources for as long as your subscription remains active – or indefinitely in the case of Lifetime Plan subscribers.

Visual Education Photography Class Images

Have your prices gone up?

No. We’ve made no changes to the prices of our subscription plans. The cost of your subscription is the same now as it was before we launched our new brand.

Have your social media handles changed?

You can still find me on Instagram at @karltaylorphotography. But for all the latest Visual Education news, be sure to follow the accounts below (if you don’t already!).

I still have questions! Where can I ask them?

Email us at or click the chat icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen to open up a live chat window. We’re here for you and happy to help!


  1. Hi Karl

    Please tell me if you have thought of a corporate license for schools that want to use your resources?
    How can we purchase one license for 120 students to use your course online?
    Please let me know, urgently.

  2. Bill Zech

    Hi Karl,
    I was intrigued by your new name and logo, and read through all of your FAQ here. And I agree with most of what Ivan said as well. A professional photographer can’t just be good with a camera anymore — one must be skilled at many things as you and Ivan enumerate. I’m a retired software engineer, and I observed a parallel change in my industry. No longer could you be just really good at a few things and thrive, there were simply too many rapidly changing technologies to learn and keep up with. Fortunately, I am just a hobbyist who is happy practicing making photographs I like, and without need to please anyone else (except maybe you with your briefs!) Your site provides me with many learning aids to help with that, and to explore what I want and ignore the rest until I’m ready. So, I’m happy to see your site expand its curriculum and I hope that helps you attract even more members. I think your material is first rate and I have enjoyed all of the classes I have taken so far! Thank you for what you do, Karl!

    1. Hi Bill, thank you very much for your kind comments and we are very glad you are enjoying our platform. All the best Karl.

    1. Hi There, Yes that’s no problem at all. We’re happy to replace all certificates we have issued for our LEVELS. Please send us an email to and we’ll get that sorted for you. 🙂

  3. Evaluating one’s brand and updating when business models change is good thing! Well done! The challenge I have struggled with since digital revolutionized this industry is keeping up and becoming a master at so many disciplines. In the past, we specialized. Now, we must wear many hats and be proficient in everything to survive. Although this is exciting in many ways, I can’t help feel that a degree of expertise and craftsmanship is lost. Only those who are crazy brilliant (unfortunately, not me!) or have the resources to build a team with each member having expertise in an area will be successful.

    Today, the pressure to be great as photographer, stylist, prop master, DYI, carpenter(!), digital tech, designer, retoucher, typesetter, editor, author, proofreader, accountant, bookeeper, marketer, filmmaker & editor, sound engineer and now CGI, is expected of us. Any one one of these is a full time job, yet we are now expected to be great in all.

    The phrase “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” still rings in my ear. However, I’m glad to see this educational platform evolve and add new disciplines, and I will dive in and learn new things and attempt to keep up, but I doubt I’ll ever be great at all of them!

    1. Hi Ivan, I actually agree with you in many respects. Modern capitalism and the demand for things faster and cheaper will unfortunately drive the craftsmanship of many areas down. What we are doing here as a platform is bringing in the best of various experts in various fields related to the visual arts industry and letting our members pick and choose what they want to learn (or at least better understand if it’s not going to be their main thing). I think what we will provide will still give people the eduction to (with practise) become masters at at least one of them of their choosing.

    1. Hi Archna, He certainly will! Karl’s as committed to the platform as ever and has lots of courses filmed and in the pipeline, and live shows of course!

  4. jeahn

    I’m so excited for this change! It’s amazing how far you guys were able to push this platform under Karl’s name alone. The sky is the limit now! 👏 You all should be very proud. And for what it’s worth, I love the new logo. Let’s go, VE!

  5. Always up for a little change! Will my usual bookmark auto direct me to a new website? And I assume no changes to logins, etc?

  6. Albert Vuvu Konde

    I had a hint of the change in a youtube video.
    Change is good. It is more playful than the old classic logo and color scheme.

    What matters to me is the content, the hero of the content and the supporting cast of the hero and the content ;)!

    I’m here for the long haul and will witness many more changes along the road as the world continually evolves. (and faster than ever?)

  7. Mario Bertolini

    Hey KTE Team .. or should I say VE Team now? 🙂
    I endorse that – good choice and great name.
    I’m happy that you’re not, but i also think you could take much more for this amazing, huge and constant growing content.
    The new logo is good but in my opinion its a little bit to playful for this serious content and could be more modern but that just a matter of taste.
    I love this platform so stay as you are even with the new appearance.
    Best regards

  8. Not a big deal, but I think the old logo/design looks more classy. This new one could be an ice cream producer
    😀 No fence!!

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