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Lighting Masterclass Diploma Certificate

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Each level contains a selection of classes. After you watch each class, you’ll take a test made up of multiple-choice questions. Pass the test to move on to the next class. Pass all the tests to finish the level and earn a certificate. Finish all the levels to complete the course and earn a diploma.

Lighting Masterclass Diploma Certificate
You’ll start at the beginning with Lighting Masterclass and be guided forward through your learning journey. When you complete all three levels in this introductory course, a member of our team will review your progress and issue your Lighting Masterclass diploma.

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Lighting Masterclass

Level 1

Lighting Fundamentals

In Level 1, you’ll study the essential principles of the science behind lighting. These 10 classes and tests will hone your knowledge and skills so that you are ready to apply and evoke emotion with light.
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Level 2

Working With Light

In Level 2, you’ll encounter 10 classes and tests that focus on lighting tools and modifiers, including how to use them in the studio and on location.
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Level 3

Recording Light in the Camera

In Level 3, the final part of your Lighting Masterclass certification course, you'll complete 10 classes and tests covering the technical and practical aspects of recording light.
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