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Photography Essentials

Let world-renowned professional photographer and educator Karl Taylor introduce you to the essentials. New to photography? Want to brush up on the basics? This simple introduction is the perfect place to start.

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There’s a whole world of photography to explore, but where should you begin? The answer is: here.

In these introductory classes, Karl takes you through the fundamental principles and techniques of photography.

He shows you how to use manual mode to take full control of your camera. He reveals the secrets behind good travel and landscape photography. He covers equipment, digital filmmaking and much more.

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  • 117 Classes
  • +40 Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

Photography Classes

Introduction to Photography

Learn the six essentials of shooting in manual mode for full creative control.
Introduction to Photography Montage
  • 10 Classes
  • 2+ Hours content
  • Level: Basic

Ready to start shooting stunning photos?

Your DSLR camera has many settings, but you don’t need to master them all right away. Learn enough to make the switch from automatic to manual mode and you’ll be amazed how quickly your confidence builds and your images improve.

In this course, you’ll learn the six essentials of shooting in manual mode. You’ll also have the chance to download your free, 90-page ‘Introduction to Photography’ e-book.

What you’ll learn:

  • The 6 essentials
  • How cameras work
  • The six essentials of photography
  • Full creative control with manual mode
  • Landscape photography
  • 90-page PDF reference guide
  • ISO and Resolution

Travel Photography

Learn how to take stunning photos on your adventures
  • 10 Classes
  • 1+ Hours content
  • Level: Basic

Capture your adventures well enough to hang them on your wall.

We all love to take pictures when we travel. But doing justice to the sights and scenes we experience isn’t always easy.

In this course, Karl covers street and coastal photography, plus landscape and architecture. He shows you how to plan your images in advance, and how to utilize the magic light of sunrise and sunset.

By the end, you’ll be ready to hit the road, camera in hand.

What you’ll learn:

  • Knowing the right light
  • Neutral density filters
  • Long exposures
  • Polarizing filters
  • Exploring shooting styles

Landscape Photography

Master Landscape Photography with Expert Instructors
Landscape Photography
  • 9 Classes
  • 3 Hours content
  • Level: Basic

Master the classic art of the landscape.

If you’ve already studied the six essentials in our ‘Introduction to Photography’ section (see above), you’re ready to start capturing scenes with your camera – land, sea, or city.

In these videos, Karl explores key techniques and concepts including planning, execution, composition, filters, raw files, shutter speeds, depth of field and post-production.

He also teams up with professional photographer Nick Després to offer some extra expert insights.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to compose landscape photography
  • Shutter speeds for landscape photography
  • How to combine filters and flash
  • How to use seasonal light for landscape photography
  • Tips and tricks for seascapes
  • Post-production for landscape photography

Creative Photography Techniques

Beyond the Basics: Pushing the Boundaries of Your Photography
Creative Photography Techniques Montage
  • 22 Classes
  • 3+ Hours content
  • Level: Basic

Take everything you’ve learned so far and reach for the next level.

In these classes, you’ll learn more intricate technical processes such as light painting and light trails. You’ll also discover how to capture perfect, fast-paced action shots, as well as how to remotely capture wildlife in its natural environment.

Elsewhere, Karl demonstrates how to use flash and natural light on location, and gives you some terrific macro-photography tips.  From merging HDR and panoramic images to capturing water in motion and the beauty of the night sky, this course covers a lot of ground.

It wraps up with a review in which Karl summarizes the key details in the final images taken throughout the course.

What you’ll learn:

  • Shooting with models
  • Using flash in the day
  • Essential equipment for photography
  • Using telephoto and wide angle lenses
  • Panning to capture motion
  • Nightscapes and light trails
  • How to use a macro lens
  • How to stitch panoramic images

DSLR Movie Making

Unleashing Cinematic Creativity with Your Camera
DSLR Movie Making
  • 17 Classes
  • 2+ Hours content
  • Level: Basic

This series takes you behind the scenes as Karl and the team put together their award-winning short film No Regrets.

In these videos, you’ll learn the fundamentals of DSLR moviemaking as you see them put into practice by a pro. Filming on location in southern California, Karl gives you a glimpse of his thought processes and techniques. He also shows you the accessories and post-production tools he used.

From storyboarding and securing permits to recording sound and filming at night, this course covers digital filmmaking from conception to completion. It even shows you how to make a music video!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for your movie shoot
  • Equipment for DSLR moviemaking
  • How to shoot time-lapse and slow motion
  • Recording and editing sound for a movie
  • Post-production and editing for movies

Interviews and Critiques

Pro advice from professional photographers on how to improve your images
Photography Interviews & Image Critiques On Replay
  • 19 Classes
  • 4 Hours content
  • Level: Basic

Check out these live-show replays as Karl chats with professional photographers and offers feedback on members’ work.

It’s not easy to see your own work clearly. Seeing it through the eyes of an impartial expert can really help you to improve. That’s why our members find our critique shows so valuable. (Though these critiques have already passed, you can always submit to the next one! Find out more here.)

Members also love our live Q&As with special guests. Check out these two replays for a taste of what you can learn from the best.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to view your images with an expert’s eye
  • Advice from professional photographers

Better Photos with your Compact Camera

Learn the skills you need to take more creative images
Better Photos with your Compact Camera
  • 15 Classes
  • 2 Hours content
  • Level: Basic

It’s pocket-sized and portable – but can you take decent photos with it?

In these classes, Karl introduces the compact camera and shows you how to get the best out it. From portraits and group shots to landscapes and panoramic, Karl explores every setting and teaches you when and how to use them.

If you’re overwhelmed by the settings on your compact camera and struggle to get the results you want, this course for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • How compact cameras work
  • How to use a compact camera
  • How to shoot portraits with a compact camera
  • Composition for compact camera photography
  • How to photograph children with a compact camera
  • Using fill-in flash with natural light
  • Editing and storing compact camera photos

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“It’s inspired me to go out and shoot in manual mode and be more creative. You show something, demonstrate it, let us imitate it and then we’ll go and practice it. ”

John Ball

“I am confident that what I have learned has valuable and repeatable real world applications that will benefit my business and expand my client-base. This is definitely a fun and valuable way to fast-track your vocational goals and aspirations.”

Brian White

"You can’t imagine how the last 365 days has changed my photography in a positive way! I tried several other online programmes but yours is the best in explanation and techniques!"

Oliver Ayerle

Karl Taylor Tutor
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Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. Commissioned by leading global brands for his precise attention to detail and exquisite control of light, Karl is also known as an instructor who explains complex subjects clearly and effectively. Karl’s unique expertise and commitment to education has led him to work for Hasselblad Camera Company, Broncolor Lighting and Adobe, as well as to appearances on the BBC and elsewhere.

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