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Class 1: How cameras work video poster frame

Class 1: How Cameras Work

Learn how your camera works so you can make sure it gives you the best possible results.
Class 2: Exposure in photography video poster frame

Class 2: Exposure in Photography

Learn all about exposure – what it is, how it works, and how to make sure you achieve the perfect exposure in your images.
Class 3: Shutter speed in photography video poster frame

Class 3: Shutter Speed in Photography

Mastering shutter speed is a crucial step if you want to take your skills to the next level.
Class 4: Camera Focus video poster frame

Class 4: Camera Focus

Break free from auto-focus and start taking photos you can really be proud of.
Class 5: Aperture & Depth of Field video poster frame

Class 5: Aperture & Depth of Field

Aperture controls how much light enters your camera. It also controls the depth of field – a crucial aspect of any image.
Class 6: You’re ready for Full Manual Mode video poster frame

Class 6: Get Creative in Manual Mode

Take full creative control of your photography by experimenting with all your camera's settings.
Class 7: Camera lenses and focal length video poster frame

Class 7: Camera Lenses and Focal Length

Learn how lenses work and how to select the right lens for every shoot PLUS get to grips with focal length – a key consideration for every image.
Class 8: The importance of understanding light video poster frame

Class 8: Understanding Light

The best photographers have a deep knowledge of how light works, and how to make it work for them. Join them!
Class 9: Camera ISO, megapixels & sensors video poster frame

Class 9: The Recording Medium

Learn all about ISO, megapixels, and sensors PLUS the difference between JPG and RAW files.
Class 10: Composition in photography video poster frame

Class 10: Composition and Subject

The right composition guides the viewer's eye through an image. Discover how to compose your shots like a pro.

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Photography eBook & Cheat Sheets

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Karl Taylor Tutor
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Karl Taylor

As a professional photographer, I'm proud to have been involved in the industry for nearly 30 years. As well as continuing to shoot for top brands, I also work as an ambassador and consultant for major players in the photography world, inspiring photographers to reach the creative potential.

It's been a great privilege to help hundreds of thousands of people improve their photography. Through this free online photography training, I hope to continue to educate and inspire.

Learn more about me and my photography.