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Class 1: How cameras work

Understanding the simple mechanics of how cameras work will help you realize how you can get the best possible results out of your photos.

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Class 2: Exposure in photography

Quickly know how to control exposure settings using Manual mode. You’ll have much more control over what your final photographs look like.

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Watch class - Shutter speed in photography

Class 3: Shutter speed in photography

Using various camera shutter speeds in your photos can provide interesting creative results. By controlling how long the shutter stays open, we can control motion blur or the freezing of fast action.

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Watch class - Camera Focus

Class 4: Camera Focus

Understanding focus is key to getting a good photograph. This may sound simple — the camera does it all for you, doesn’t it? In order to get the best image, it’s important to understand how focus works.

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Watch - Aperture & Depth of Field

Class 5: Aperture & Depth of Field

Aperture is one of the six essential requirements for creating an image — it not only controls how much light your camera is able to record, but also the depth of field. Depth of field (DoF) is an important compositional and creative element in any image so it’s important to understand what it is and how to control it.

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Watch - You’re ready for Full Manual Mode

Class 6: You’re ready for Full Manual Mode

The best thing about using Manual mode on your camera is that it gives you full creative control. Your camera confidence grows and your creative instinct takes over.

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Class 7: Camera lenses and focal length

When it comes to lenses, there’s no shortage of options but did you know that camera lenses can be equally, if not, more important than your choice of camera.

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Watch - The importance of understanding light

Class 8: The importance of understanding light

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it...” Knowing, understanding, and paying attention to all types of light is one of the quickest ways to improve your photography.

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Camera ISO, megapixels & sensors

Class 9: Camera ISO, megapixels & sensors

The number of megapixels your camera has doesn’t make you a better photographer but it’s good to understand all factors that contribute to image quality.

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Composition in photography

Class 10: Composition in photography

The purpose of composition is to guide the viewer's eye through a picture. Knowing these guides helps you capture better photographs.

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