Makeup Artistry

Unleash Your Creativity: Join the Tamara Tott Makeup Artistry Course

Led by Tamara Tott, an accomplished professional makeup artist with over 12 years of industry experience, this course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the history of makeup to cutting-edge contemporary techniques.

Master the Art of Makeup

From the subtle 'No-Makeup Makeup' look to the dazzling allure of full red carpet glamour,  delve into every stage of the professional makeup process and gain a deep understanding of all things beauty along the way.

  • 17 Classes
  • 17+ Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

Makeup Classes For Everyone

Whether you're an aspiring makeup artist, a seasoned professional, or a photographer, this series of makeup classes is a must-watch.

Why? Because Tamara not only delves into the essential makeup fundamentals in our Makeup Artistry Fundamentals series but also takes you on a journey from conceptualization to the final photoshoot, providing you with a comprehensive 360° view of the creative process.

Whether you're eager to try your hand at creating these makeup looks yourself or looking to enhance your ability to provide creative direction to the photographers you collaborate with, you're in the right place.


Why choose Tamara Tott?

Tamara Tott is a renowned makeup artist with over 12 years of experience, celebrated for her exceptional skills, featured in publications like Vogue.

Excelling in fashion, commercial, beauty, and red carpet makeup, Tamara has worked with high-profile clients and brands worldwide including Burberry, Ted Baker and Google, to name a few.

In our expertly crafted classes, Tamara shares her secrets and offers step-by-step guides to help you achieve the same level of precision and creativity that has taken her to the very top of the makeup artistry world.

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For All Levels

 Unlock your makeup potential with our online course suitable for all skill levels.

Makeup Hygiene

Learn essential makeup hygiene practices for a flawless and safe application.

Skin Prep

Master the art of skin preparation, the foundation of every stunning makeup look.

Planning a Look

Dive into the creative process of planning and executing makeup looks that turn heads.


Working With Models

Gain expertise in working with models to enhance their natural beauty.

Face Shapes

Discover how to tailor makeup techniques to different face shapes for stunning results.

Photography Lighting

Understand the impact of lighting on makeup and how to create camera-ready looks.


Learn the art of collaboration in the makeup industry, fostering teamwork and creativity.


Makeup Artistry Fundamentals

Want to be a makeup artist? Your journey starts here.
Makeup Artistry Fundamentals
  • 10 Classes
  • 1+ Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

To truly excel in the art of makeup, mastering the fundamentals is paramount. This comprehensive series will equip you with essential knowledge, from understanding the tools and materials to practicing impeccable hygiene and effectively collaborating with models and teams.

  • Makeup tools and materials
  • Why we use makeup and historical trends
  • How to ensure your kit and application is hygienic
  • What you need for your professional kit
  • Makeup considerations for certain lighting setups
  • How makeup differs for a shoot or for occasion wear
  • How to work with a team and collaborate

Makeup Artistry Masterclasses

Unlock the Secrets of Professional Makeup Artistry with Tamara Tott's Masterclasses

Makeup Artistry Masterclasses

Makeup Artistry Masterclass
  • 9 Classes
  • 9+ Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

You know the basics, but with this follow-on from our Makeup Fundamentals you'll learn exactly how to take your ideas from mere concepts, to final, shoot-worthy looks.

  • Makeup application techniques
  • How to know when your look is 'complete'
  • Adjusting looks based on feedback
  • How to work on set and do touch-ups
  • Creating a variety of looks from no-makeup makeup to the perfect red lip.

New Classes Added Every Fortnight

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