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Master your control of light

With his exquisite control of light, Karl Taylor redefines what's possible in-camera. Known throughout the industry as an expert in lighting emotion, Karl will clearly and concisely guide you through the process of understanding and working with light, from simple one-light scenarios to complex multi-lighting solutions.

Join our live photography shows, where you can interact with Karl, or simply sit back and enjoy our entire online catalogue of professional courses and live photography show replays. Everything is available to you for our low monthly fee.


Are you creative enough for your clients?

This image was shot with one key light and one small spot light. The rest of the purple lighting comes from creative thinking and finding and building solutions that meet the client’s expectations. When you approach lighting the professional way and go beyond the basics of hard and soft light, there's no problem you can't solve.

We filmed and documented each stage of this shoot so that you can see a new way of thinking. This, along with hundreds of other top-class tutorials, allows you to benefit from professional tuition and stay one step ahead of the competition. It’s this high standard that sets Karl Taylor Education online learning apart from the rest.


It only takes one light.

Photographers sometimes makes excuses – limited equipment, say,  or lack of lighting – for failing to deliver the very best work to their clients. This simply isn't good enough.

Both images on the right were shot with just one light and in small studio space. The one on the far right was shot with a standard 35mm camera and lens.

Knowledge is power. Excuses are not acceptable. Welcome to Karl Taylor Education.


But sometimes it needs more.

The lipsticks shot here is another example of creative thinking. It needed only one light and an original solution to become a powerful and evocative product shot. Knowing how to control that light, modify its emotion and deliver a concept to your client that will set your images apart from your competition.

The blue and red fashion shot needed something more – certainly more than those tired ‘same old’ portraits you often see. To stand apart, it required several lights, careful pre-visualisation and an execution that included the simple process of making my own props for the image.

You can do more, too. Are you ready?


Portraits that break the mould.

It’s easy to become locked into a formula. Unfortunately, when you do, your work starts to look like everybody else's.

Isn’t it time you learned to control lighting in a way that will free you from the constraints of formulaic lighting setups? With our lighting guidance, you'll feel liberated and confident enough to tackle any lighting scenario and convey any emotional message.


Lighting on location. Let’s go there.

Lighting doesn’t need to be confined to the studio. Liberate yourself from those four walls and learn to manage fashion and location shoots with ease.

Working in different locations, scouting, managing models, stylists, hair, make-up and crew can seem daunting to the inexperienced photographer. Watch Karl expertly take control of the shoot, the location and the team to deliver stunning results with several of our award-winning location shoots.


Iceland, anyone? Or closer to home?

Karl Taylor’s groundbreaking documentary ‘Fashionscape’ is part of the Karl Taylor Education platform. But we don’t need to travel to Iceland to achieve stunning results.

The waterfall image was shot on location in Iceland. The image on the pebble beach was just shot down the road from our studio.

You needn’t be limited by your equipment OR your location. Our varied selection of location fashion shoots will show you exactly how to do this.


Who knew that food was your thing

Expert lighting provides you the freedom and skills to light anything.

So if food blogging or hospitality photography is your thing, then our lighting solutions will deliver for you. But it goes further.

At Karl Taylor Education we provide solutions to problems that help you grow. Those solutions include styling, props, set building, background creation, mood boards and answers to difficult concepts or shoot requests from clients.


Product photography with the edge.

Advertising and product photography is often seen as one of the most complex areas of professional photography. It’s also one of the most lucrative.

It requires a certain discipline, a pragmatic and logical approach to problem solving and solution building that delivers results. Let us teach you how to handle the pressure of working with big companies and art directors so your images attract attention.

With hundreds of hours of tutorials, interviews with other top pro’s, lighting solutions and problem solving examples, we take product photography to a whole new level of understanding.

Step into this world of precision lighting on Karl Taylor Education to discover how these complex shoots are managed, executed and the results delivered time and time again to ensure your clients keep coming back for more.


Photoshop — Don’t fear it, harness it.

This is the twenties, 2020, and it’s time to get with the program. If you’re still dabbling with post production, it’s time you up-skilled and invested in yourself and stop losing work to the competition.

With expert step-by-step tuition from Karl Taylor and guest professional retouchers we guide you to becoming an expert in all areas of post production.

Karl prides himself on stunning results straight out of camera, but things can always be improved with a little color adjustment and the time tested technique of burn and dodge. In fact you’ll be surprised how much post production work only requires those two skills. Once you’ve mastered them you’ll never look back.

It’s all here, everything above is in this platform for one low monthly price. Try us now, even just for a month, and start this decade with an edge over the rest.


For ALL Photography Interests

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Photography business skills, hawk with sharp beak.

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Understanding the gear.

58 Classes

Model laying on studio floor

Documents, actions & presets.


What our members have to say

“I only joined today and I’ve already had more value than my subscription. Brilliant format, Karl is one of the best on YouTube but this raises the bar by several levels.” – M. Harris

“I learned a great deal about lighting from Karl Taylor when I first started off. It was his courses that were the key for me. It taught me to understand how to control light to achieve the image you want. Change the way someone feels and they will remember the image.”

David Lund, Professional Photography

“Karl has definitely helped me with my business, from the skills and techniques i’ve learnt and also just giving me new ideas and inspiration for potential shoots. It’s an easy watch, it’s entertaining and you learn which is the whole point ”

Poppy Larbalestier, Professional wedding photographer

“It’s the second best thing to having someone like Karl in the studio with you prompting you to do things… It fills a niche which is for people who really want to benefit their crafts skills and really up their level of confidence in terms of getting behind a camera.”

Laurie Castelli, Television director