Photography vs CGI: Which Is Better?

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Photography vs CGI: can you tell which is which?

With CGI artists producing super-realistic results, and free software like Blender becoming more and more powerful, CGI is revolutionising the world of product photography. Are you ready to embrace the future?

In these new classes, top 3D CGI artist Ethan Davis goes head-to-head with professional product photographer Karl Taylor.

As they strive to produce the best image, you'll enhance your skills in both techniques – and discover that excellence in lighting is key.

Learn by doing

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step classes help you improve your photography and CGI – fast.

No expensive software required

Discover Blender – powerful open source CGI software that's FREE to download.

Blender’s comprehensive modeling tools make creating, transforming, and editing models a breeze. Produce stunning, ultra-realistic renders with ease.
Blender 3D CGI software in use

Create this stunning, ad-style image

Discover how top 3D CGI artist Ethan Davis uses Blender to create this super-realistic render.

Ethan introduces you to Blender’s comprehensive array of modelling tools.
Stunning ad-style image

Lighting techniques for pro-level results

Learn why lighting expertise is just as important in CGI as it is in studio photography.

Ethan shows you how to light your 3D model perfectly using simple but effective lighting techniques.
Ad-style 3d rendered image

It's a shootout!

Watch Karl and Ethan compete to produce the best image.

A pro photographer and a top CGI artist reveal the tools and techniques they rely on to create the best possible lighting effects. Which image will you prefer?
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From building the set to perfecting the lighting – follow it all, step by step.

Working to create a beautiful gradient lighting effect, Karl uses scrims, softboxes, mirrors, coloured gels and more. Watch a professional at work and learn new skills.
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Follow Karl through his editing and retouching workflow as he polishes his shot in Photoshop.

Learn how to use layer masks to combine different elements of multiple shots. Remove imperfections, refine highlights and maximise the impact of your image.
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Meet your tutors

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. Commissioned by leading global brands for his precise attention to detail and exquisite control of light, Karl is also known as an instructor who explains complex subjects clearly and effectively. Karl’s unique expertise and commitment to education has led him to work for Hasselblad Camera Company, Broncolor Lighting and Adobe, as well as to appearances on the BBC and elsewhere.
Ethan Davis

Ethan Davis

Ethan Davis is a professional photographer, retoucher and CGI artist based in Manchester, England. He specialises in creating vivid, detailed and impactful imagery for top brands. Ethan’s combination of photography expertise and CGI skill makes him an ideal teacher for photographers looking to make the leap into the exciting world of 3D.

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