How to Get Started With Food Photography and Styling

Two pros share their top tips.

For this course Karl teams up with food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova, whose work has been published internationally. Together they demonstrate essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques for eye-catching food photography.

In this chapter Karl delves into the world of food photography as Anna explains just how important good styling is. She shares her top tips for styling food and explains her process for creating great food shots. She also shares useful equipment, reveals where to source props and explains how to work with different clients.

In this food photography class:

  • Product photography: Food photography
  • Key tips for styling food
  • Telling a story with food
  • Shape, color and texture in food photography
  • Sourcing props and useful tools for food photography
  • Aesthetic considerations for food photography

If you missed our LIVE workshop with Anna, watch the replay here.


  1. Anna always inspires me to improve my self, she is very straight forward. Thanks Karl for bringing her to your courses.

  2. Thank you so much for this video, Anna and Karl. I like how Karl guided the conversation and covered so many aspects and how Anna shared her vision and secret weapons in food photography and styling. I really love the idea that you need to question yourself why you like this food, what makes you like this prop, etc. Observation in food, observation in light – those are key elements for a successful shot. Looking forward to watch more videos!

    1. Hi Anna, exactly. Observation in everything in photography is so important and you will see me apply it on all my product work, fashion too. One of the key differences between good photographers and great photographers are the observational skills of the details, the emotion, the narrative. If you watch some of our ‘critique’ shows you’ll see where I spot things that the photographer has missed and yet how that one small change can change things dramatically.

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