Cinema 4D Interface (Part 1)

Now that you’re familiar with CGI, what it is and what it is used for, Karl and Viktor take a look around the Cinema 4D interface, which is the software that will be used throughout these classes.

This chapter provides an introduction to the Cinema 4D interface as Viktor talks you through the most essential elements that will be used throughout this course. Viktor demonstrates how to create objects, explains image attributes and shows you how to manipulate objects. He also shares some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that he uses in his workflow.

In this class:

  • An overview of the Cinema 4D interface
  • Exploring the 3D space
  • How to create objects in Cinema 4DΒ 
  • Cinema 4D workspace β€” Customizing your workspace
  • Cinema 4D viewports
  • Cinema 4D transform tools
  • Cinema 4D render settings
  • Cinema 4D keyboard shortcuts

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  1. Viktor, you can do the calculations in Photoshop too, so you can get rid of your calculator straight away. πŸ˜€

    Great lesson!

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