Working to a Brief 16: REVIEW

In this Working to a Brief 16 our members were tasked with the challenge of creating a fresh healthy and enticing image of tomato produce.

Karl critiques the images based on everything he set in the brief about the mood, the feeling, lighting atmosphere and emotion behind it.

As we delved into each submission, we observed some common hurdles that participants encountered as they tackled this detailed brief. One of the primary challenges was lighting, Karl will offer his expertise on overcoming these challenges.


  1. Hey, Karl. Thanks for the great feedback, and I’m glad to have been selected as one of the finalist. You mentioned that you thought that it was shot using window light, but in reality it was shot with strobe to resemble window light. I really tried to make it feel like it was sitting next to a large window in a kitchen, so it had a more natural feel. I also agree that you chose the right image as the winner. As always, it’s great to hear your critique, and I look forward to the next one.
    Jess Moore

  2. Thank you for this critique! Excellent, I learned a lot. For my shot, the one with the “striped” cutting board, I see what you mean. I actually hand-made that cutting board and was quite proud of it, but I learned that being personally attached clouded my judgement and it was wrong for the shot. I shot this with a PhaseOne system and focus stacked. I worked very hard on this one, but learned a lot here and I greatly appreciate it! I look forward to future challenges and I’ll try harder! Thank you Karl and the team.
    Regards, Ivan Boden

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