Canon 5Dmk2 vs Canon 5Dmk3 Comparison

In this video Karl performs a like for like test on the Canon 5dmk2 vs the Canon 5dmk3. In this test you will see the actual performance difference on various ISO speeds under flash and tungsten light. PLUS – You’ll also see a like for like video quality comparison with surprising results and general overview of some of the key camera differences


  1. Hi Karl, this was great, seeing real feedback from an actual professional is invaluable. Question for you regarding what to prioritize on, such as Body vs Lens vs Lighting when working with a limited budget. I’ve heard many say to spend the bulk on your budget on Lens and if you have to sacrifice on something to sacrifice on the Body, as the Lenses used will make the biggest difference. Do you agree? In your professional experience, for anyone starting out with some limitations in funds, what would you recommend in terms of order in priority:
    1. Lighting , 2. Lens, 3. Body? Thanks.

  2. Thank you Karl , this camera would also be my choice 😉

    I have a 85mm 1,8 Canon Lense
    50mm 1,8 Canon Lense

    And a 24-70 L Series . (i alsmost shooting my product photography with this , for macro i choose extention tubes with this lens.

    Do you think with these lenses are better with the 5d mark ii ?

    1. I’m surprised you would be shooting small products with a 24-70, most small products would be shot with around 80 or 100mm. The lenses will be good with either camera but yes the mark ii has the extra resolution.

  3. Heii Karl, i have now the 5D mark ii for productphotography , i think about to buy the 5D mark iii but is there any diffrence for this type of photography ? Could you give me a better choice for sharper product photos ?

    Any other Canon Camera you preffer for product photography ?

    1. Hi The 5Ds could be a good choice but I’d concentrate on good prime lenses rather than just the cameras. a very good 85mm and a 100mm macro.

  4. Thanks for replying Karl….. I was thinking of using a minimum budget as moving into my first studio next week in Huddersfield to niche on dance photography and it’s cost slightly more than first planned!

    Not the photography gear but reception, chairs, sofas, stud walls on wheels, it’s brill and quite large.

    Strangely enough my beloved 6d that’s served me well broke on Sunday at an event so I’m getting the shutter replaced and ordering an almost new 6d too.

    Your videos across the board have proved invaluable so looking forward to showing you and the community at some point how your education site has helped me.


  5. I’m really enjoying your videos thanks. I’m considering getting a spare body for assistants to use so my question is….

    For budget would I be better off getting a second hand 5d2 as they go from about £500 now. It would only be used for studio portraits… iso 100 f8 etc

    Also in that studio environment (f8 iso 100 with elinchrom lights) is there much quality difference between the 5d2 and 5d4

    Personally I’m using the 6d and love it for what I do.


    1. Hi Shane, the if you are using studio lighting then you’d have no problem with a 5D2, but why not even another 6D?

    1. Hi Benjamin, from what we’ve heard it is an excellent camera but we’ve not used one yet so can’t form an accurate opinion.

  6. Hello! Something similar for 5dmk3 vs 5dmk4 vs 5ds/r? And maybe vs the Hasselblad system and situations to use the 5dmk/s/r or the MF system? Thank you!

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