Beauty-Style Photography Retouch: Liquifying, Burning and Dodging

In the third part of this Photoshop tutorial Karl shows you the finishing touches that he added to this retouch.


    1. Hi, please refer to our Photoshop for Photographers course in the post production section where I run through the basics, it’s easy once you get started.

  1. Great result ! ) Btw – small tip for liquify filter- the quick way to see before and after in that filter- to press p key -that’s for preview.
    And a question – if we had a male portrait (like yours from the light courses) – would we do the same? Especially burn and dodge. To what extend male skin should be polished? It would be great to see some examples. (I usually use healing brush and that’s it. The result is not great but I’m afraid that man will look like woman if I do the same that I do for feemale portraits)

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the tip. With regards the male I’d say 50% less work, B&D etc to keep a more rugged look.

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