LR6: New Features

Lightroom 6 is a powerful image editing software that now includes a number of new features. In this Lightroom 6/CC for Photographers class, Karl explains two of the newest features — creating HDR and panoramic images.

The Merge to HDR function allows you to create striking HDR images quickly and easily. Karl explains how to use the auto-align, auto tone and deghosting features to get the best results and how you can use the Brush tools to make further adjustments to select areas of the image.

He then shows you how to create a panoramic image, a feature that will allow you to photograph vast scenes you may otherwise have been unable to photograph.

In this class:

  • How to use Lightroom 6
  • New features in Lightroom 6
  • How to create a HDR image in Lightroom 6
  • How to create a panoramic image in Lightroom 6

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  1. Hi Karl,

    Does DNG file for HDR image contain twice as much information? Or is it simply replacing some information in one raw file from another?

    Not sure if my question makes sense 🙂

    1. Hi Denis, No DNG is just a different ‘generic’ version of a RAW file but it wasn’t widely used. The RAW file that your camera brand uses is the best RAW file for you to use.

    1. Hi Peter DNG is digital negative format, it was developed by Adobe and others to be a ‘universal’ RAW format but it never really took off as each camera brand has their own RAW format.

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