Photo Critique: Animals and Macro Images

In this live critique show, now available to watch as a replay, Karl reviews animal and macro images submitted by members. Looking at each of the submissions, he gives his feedback and advice. He also demonstrates some simple post-production tips that can easily be applied to any image, and shares a number of tips for photographing macro shots of nature or animals. These include using extension tubes, compositional techniques, and how to achieve sufficient depth of field.

In this critique:

  • Animal / macro photography
  • What makes a good macro image
  • Focus stacking to achieve greater depth of field
  • Guiding the viewer’s eye
  • Composing macro images
  • Tips for macro photography
  • Controlling and correcting colour cast

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. Hi Karl, thank you for your feedback on my crane shot. It was my first shot of this kind. That’s why I was curious about somebody else’s thoughts on it. Of course, you are absolutely right. With color cast especially.

  2. Hi Karl
    With ref to Sessions college web site for the color calculations as you showed , on the video ,when I tried to check it out, alI I seem to be able to get is to get enrolled on a course, I was trying to find the color calculator that you were using to find complimentary colours etc, I just can not find that anywhere on that site.
    Do you have to be signed up to the site or something to be able to use the Color Calculator as you were.
    Any help on this would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks for such great shows
    Barry amos

  3. Hi Karl,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. Great live show. Unfortunately, I saw it on replay.
    Quick question: how do you spell the Macro Photographer that you mentioned? Lee Von Bis?



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