Post-Production and Editing

Filming can be tricky and time consuming in its own right however what really makes a film project come together is the post work that takes place afterwards. The video editing, adding graphics, special effects and sorting out sound are all things that will need to be addressed and in this chapter Karl explains what equipment and software he used to do this for “No Regrets” and how he went about doing this.




        I thought your large monitor upstairs in your office was a desktop, I didn’t knew you were using your laptop on every screens.
        If you had a desktop how many GB of RAM would you put?

        1. Hi, I only have a laptop that has 64GB of RAM, M1 Max Chip. This is fast enough for all my photoshop and video editing requirements. However I use mostly fast external raid drives or solid state drives which also increases performance.

  1. Hi Karl ! My computer is a Mac with an i5 and 32 gb Ram. So that should be ok, but my card is an old card ! I will try with a faster card ! Thanks so much for your advice !

    1. Hi Clemens, that looks like dropped frames from either a too slow card in the recording process or too slow computer in the editing process.

  2. Hi Karl ! I used iMovie for my first real estate video and I had a problem. The video was not smooth, I had very shocking vibrations when I made the rotation movement. When I look at the video on my camera it looks normal. Also it looks great before importing it to iMovie. Can you give me some advice ?
    Thanks so much !

    1. Hi Clemens, I can’t see why Imovie would change anything are you sure that it isn’t smooth to begin with, sometimes when viewing on a small screen you can’t notice the vibrations?

  3. Hi Karl,

    Your education has being the driving tool of my photography career. I look up to you and even though I started just a year ago I must say I have learnt a lot from you.

    My internet is very slow so accessing or streaming videos on is quit difficult sometimes for me.

    I want to download some of the clips and later watch them at my own convenience at home or on the go.

    Thank you so much.

    Kwasi A. Prempeh
    West Africa

    @dmcphotoz on instagram
    DMCGh1 on facebook

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