Storm on the Horizon

In an epic location like Iceland, Karl can’t resist taking some landscape shots. In this chapter, he takes a series of Black Beach Seascapes, a simple enough process photographically speaking – but one that requires good timing, and in this case a good sturdy tripod and waterproof shoes!


  1. That volcanic sand is amazing. Is black sand harder to take pictures than white sand? Just curious. Excellent results! The refection of the waves retreating back to the ocean is amazing. It’s like a reflector on top of blackboard. Thanks for another great video.

  2. Hi Karl,

    In terms of retouching, did you do much to these? Or were they pretty much out of the camera shots?

    Thanks a lot,


      1. Truly amazing!! Thanks for the quick response.
        A second question: where do you place your focus point on a shot like this? I usually follow the 1/3 distance from de camera. Is this correct? (my results are not yet KT level but improving…)



        1. Hi Jorge, yes I’d follow about 1/3 in or slightly less if I was very concerned about the immediate foreground, which in this case I was. Or otherwise 1/3 to 1/2 in. However it is always good practise to switch to manual focus, find your focus point and then shoot a test and zoom in to 100% to examine the detail in all areas and address as necessary.

          1. Perfect Karl. Honored to be your student.



    1. Ha don’t do that Leslie, for all intents and purposes you can make great captures on most cameras, it’s more about ‘being there’ and knowing what to do.

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