Tim Flach & Karl Taylor

Photography Workshop

Tim Flach & Karl Taylor

Photography Workshop

March 31st - April 3rd, 2022


Join world-renowned animal photographer Tim Flach and professional product photographer Karl Taylor for an exclusive four-day workshop in Guernsey.

Working together in one of the best equipped studios in Europe, Tim Flach and Karl Taylor will cover both the theory and practical aspects of each of their specialities.

The Workshop Experience

What You're Going To Learn

Through a powerful combination of theory, practical and Photoshop sessions they will explore the science behind our visual system and reveal how, by understanding and applying these concepts, you can take your photography to a whole new level. 

Tim Flach, author of five bestselling books including Equus, will cover the intricacies of his work through the detailed shoot of two different animals, one being a horse. He will be covering everything from theory to post production and also sharing valuable insight into how to publish your work, whether it be in the form of a printed book or exhibition.

Karl Taylor will provide an in-depth explanation on the human visual system before an exciting demonstration of two advertising style product shoots and beauty shoot. Here you'll be able to see how to apply this knowledge to deliver more impactful and engaging imagery

With limited spaces available, the workshop offers a unique opportunity  to watch and learn first-hand as two of the industry’s leaders reveal their secrets.


World-renowned animal photographer Tim Flach has an artistic style that is instantly recognisable. Working with creatures great and small, Tim aims to bring to life the complexity of the animal kingdom and encourage discussion about the way we, as humans, perceive the natural world. His eye-catching and thought-provoking work is much sought after and has featured in National Geographic, The Smithsonian and The National Museum.

Karl Taylor Photographer


Karl Taylor is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience. Known for his precision, attention to detail and extensive knowledge, he has worked with a number of industry leaders to produce content for international audiences. His ability to explain complex concepts clearly has quickly seen him gain a following of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Day One

09.00 Arrival and welcome 

09:30 Karl Taylor profile and introduction talk - 45mins 

  • An overview of Karl’s work and ethos
  • Progression as a photographer

10.15 Break

10:30 How Do We See? with Karl Taylor - 1 hour

  • The visual spectrum
  • Cones and Rods: Understanding the human eye
  • Light
  • Colour juxtaposition

11:30Understanding Form and Description with Karl Taylor -1 hour

  • Practical demonstration: Lighting Simple Objects (Part 1)
  • The impact and control of shadows and fill
  • Colour subtleties
  • Shape and presence of the subject

12:30 Lunch

13:30The Emotion of Light with Karl Taylor -1 hour

  • Lighting for emotion
  • Control of light
  • Lighting styles

14:30 Break

14:45Product photography practical example 1 with Karl Taylor - 2 hours

  • A complete execution of a still life product / advertising photograph

17:00 Finish

Day Two

09:15 Two Visual Systems with Karl Taylor - 1 hour

  • An exploration of luminosity
  • Contrast and spatial frequency
  • Prediction vs perception

10:00 Break

10:15 Tim Flach profile and introduction talk  - 45mins

  • An overview of Tim’s work and ethos
  • Progression as a photographer

11:00 Understanding Form and Light with Tim Flach & Karl Taylor - 1.5 hours

  • Practical demonstration: Lighting Simple Objects (Part 2)
  • Dynamics
  • Three dimensionality
  • Form

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Artists and Photographers with Tim Flach  - 1 hour

  • A study of iconic art and old masters
  • The visual perception of colour and contrast
  • The impact of colourisation and contrast for photographers

14:30 Portrait / Beauty practical example with Karl Taylor & Tim Flach - 2 hours

  • A complete execution of a beauty portrait
  • Changing lighting styles
  • Lighting modifiers for mood
  • Changing emotion

16:45 Finish

19:00 Guest dinner with Tim Flach & Karl Taylor team

Day Three

09:15 Space depth and motion with Karl Taylor - 1 hour

  • Depicting depth in a two-dimensional format
  • An exploration of the key components

10:15 Break

10:30 Product photography practical example 2 with Karl Taylor - 2 hours

  • A complete execution of a still life product / advertising photograph

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Animal Photography Shoot with Tim Flach - 4 hours (including break)

  • Lighting setup, preparation and tests
  • Horse shoot and abstract details
  • Second animal shoot

17:30 Finish

Day Four

09:00 Narrative, Emotion & Aesthetics with Karl Taylor - 1 hour

  • Understanding and invoking emotion
  • Ambiguity, narrative and content of an image
  • Suspense and animation
  • A study of the aesthetics and geometry of composition

10:00 Break

10:15 Post Production with Tim FlachUp to 3 hours

  • Tim’s photoshop and image file work flow
  • A break down of some of Tim’s previous work
  • Work along workflow on previous day animal shoots
  • Guiding the eye for emotion and impact

13:15 Lunch

14:15 Retouching Techniques with Karl Taylor - 1 hour

  • Skin and beauty retouching walkthrough
  • Burn and dodge
  • Colour control
  • Hue, Saturation and Luminance
  • Selective area adjustments

15:15 Break

15:30 Publishing with Tim Flach - 30 mins

  • Exhibitions and printing your work
  • Fine art print production and selling your work
  • Book publishing and design considerations
  • Proofing and colour accuracy
  • Book projects research and production

16:00 Portfolio Review with Tim Flach and Karl Taylor - 1- 2 hours

  • An opportunity to review and critique candidates work

17:00-18:00 End of workshop


  • Five nights accommodation & breakfast included.
  • Buffet lunch, snacks, tea and coffee each day.
  • One group evening restaurant meal with Tim Flach and Karl Taylor.
  • Transport to and from the hotel & studio each day.


Date: March 22nd - 25th, 2022 (POSTPONED)

Cost: Early bird - £3875 (For early bookings) Full price - £4260

Deposit: £390

Hotel: Accommodation & breakfast included

Location: Guernsey, United Kingdom

Availability:16  (SOLD OUT)

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  • Venue: The beautiful island of Guernsey at Karl Taylor’s 4000sq ft fully equipped studio
  • Horse and alternative animal photo-shoot with world renowned photographer Tim Flach
  • Product, Advertising and Beauty shoots with lighting expert Karl Taylor
  • Post production techniques with Tim Flach and Karl Taylor
  • Complex theoretical ideas explained clearly
  • Practical and theory demonstrations on lighting
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Social and networking 
  • Publishing and fine art exhibiting explained by Tim Flach
  • Hotel included
  • Breakfast and lunches included
  • One evening dinner with Tim Flach and Karl Taylor and team


The human eye consists of cone cells and rod cells, but our vision works through what you might call ‘two visual systems’, each with its own characteristics of perception. With the ability to differentiate between approximately 10 million different colors our eyes react very differently to each of them, depending on factors such as contrast, luminosity and opposing hues.

The science behind this has led Flach, and more recently Taylor, to create images that apply this knowledge and thus deliver more impactful and engaging imagery.

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To add your name to the waiting list and receive updates on future workshops, please email .


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ST Peter Port Guernsey


Situated in the Channel Islands, Guernsey is easily accessible via air or ferry from both England and France. The picturesque island offers spectacular scenery, rich history and great hospitality.

For more information on travelling to Guernsey, visit www.visitguernsey.com

Island facts: Guernsey’s 33 foot tidal range is one largest in the world.

Author Victor Hugo wrote some of his best-known works while in exile in Guernsey.

Castle Cornet in St Peter Port was built in the 13th century and, since then, has been under the control of England, France and Germany. In 1947 King George VI gifted it to the islanders.


Getting to Guernsey: Guernsey is easily accessible via both air and ferry, with daily flights to and from major European cities such as London, St Malo and Cardiff. Ferries offer routes between various ports in England and France.


Visa: You do not need a visa if you are travelling from the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Currency: Guernsey has its own currency but both UK and Jersey currency is accepted.

Weather: March temperatures in Guernsey average 18℃, but often reach as high as 21℃, with the evenings dropping to a mild 13℃.

Language: English is the official language of Guernsey.


From the moment you set foot on Guernsey soil you can rest assured you’ll have little more to worry about other than what you’re going to do in your spare time while on the island. As a guest of Tim Flach and Karl Taylor you’ll experience some of the best hospitality Guernsey has to offer while enjoying exclusive tutelage from two leading photographers.

Tim is a wonderful conversationalist and has always been willing to share his experiences and passion for his work while Karl is a natural teacher with an ability to convey even the most complex concepts in the most straightforward way. Over the four days you’ll be treated to a unique learning opportunity in a relaxed environment, surrounded by like-minded photographers.




Guernsey offers a variety of outdoor activities, including cycling, scuba-diving, kayaking or surfing. For something more leisurely, the cliff paths offer scenic views of the neighbouring islands.


Guernsey has a rich history, which is evident across the island. Popular attractions include Castle Cornet, the German Occupation Museum and Guernsey Tapestry, which illustrates 1 000 years of history in 10 embroidered panels.


The island has more than 20 beaches (not including those of the neighbouring islands) and over 40 miles of coastal paths. Visitors can enjoy the wide sandy expanses on the west coast or the more remote pebbled bays in the east.


The nearby islands of Herm, Sark, Alderney and Jersey make for ideal day trips. For those wanting to explore a little further afield, France and England are both easily accessible via air or ferry.


Spaces are limited so make sure to book early to avoid disappointment.
A deposit of 10 per cent is required to secure your spot.




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