Advanced Colour Adjustments in Photoshop

Following on from the previous class, Viktor continues to further refine the scene, making additional colour and contrast adjustments to the subject and overall image.

In this class:

  • How to add depth and three dimensionality to an image
  • Simple burn and dodge technique using blend modes
  • Working with smart objects & the advantages
  • How to use the Clone stamp tool

In this class, you’ll see Viktor carefully through the image — tidying up small, distracting details using the Clone tool and using a quick burn and dodge technique to add depth and three dimensionality to the image. Viktor, working with smart objects, focuses on burning and dodging the firefighter’s jacket and parts of the background scene and shows how these subtle changes and attention to detail can have a big impact.

Using Burning & Dodging to add depth to the background:
Creating composite images using Photoshop

Burning & dodging techniques were used to add more depth to the background and create a subtle vignette.

Using Burning & Dodging to darken the subject:
Using burning and dodging in Photoshop

Burning & dodging was used to slightly darken the jacket and accentuate the highlights and texture.

For more tips on creating composite images in Photoshop, read our ‘Top tips for compositing‘ article.

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