Apricot Fashion Shoot

The theme embraced in this fashion shoot exudes a doll-like charm, resonating with the pastel stylings of the 60s era, extending to the meticulous arrangement of the boxy set.

Witness Karl and his team as they construct a bespoke doll-like box for our model Suzannah, orchestrating the lighting setup and getting creative with this shoot.

A key aspect for this shot was balancing lighting with flash duration – essential for achieving the desired motion blur effect on the falling flowers. While there’s always an element of chance when objects are in motion within an image, Karl will guide you through the techniques to maximise control and capture the intended shot.

Throughout the shoot, viewers gain insight into the collaborative process between photographer and model, observing how Karl and Suzannah seamlessly exchange ideas and make pose decisions. With the invaluable support of the team, the culmination of their efforts yields an intriguing final image that is sure to captivate.

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