Cameras and Lenses for Product Photography

Make sure you’re properly equipped for product success.

One of the most common questions asked by those just starting out in product photography is what camera and what lens is best for product photography.

To help answer this question, Karl explains some of the camera choices for product photography before taking a closer look at some of the best lenses for product photography. He also details what lenses he uses when shooting products and why these are his lenses of choice.


    1. Hi, I don’t know that camera very well but I’m sure it will be fine. It’s more about the lens choices for product photography than anything else and whether you can tether the camera.

  1. Hi Karl,
    I’m Luca, a wedding and product photographerI always used Nikon for my work but as I need to refresh most of my equipment I was wondering wheter maybe it’s time to move to Sony, or to stick with Nikon and get a Z9.

    About Sony this is the setup I have in mind. Your opinion would be highly apreciated!

    Sony a7 r V
    70-200 GMII 2.8
    50mm 1.2 GM
    24mm 1.4 GM


    1. Hi, in my opinion in 35mm Sony has the advantage but Nikon and Canon are also still very strong. You won’t go wrong with and of the brands. You mention product photography but I don’t see a 100mm macro in your list.

      1. Hi Karl,
        in fact I forgot to mention the 90mm Macro from Sony 😉

        Thanks for your reply!
        I think I will go with Sony.
        Keep Safe!

  2. Tamer.gawish

    hi Karl
    thank for the rich content you gave me along the courses
    will a crop sensor camera still do the jop? i have plans to upgrade but not in the near future
    if so what the main thing i should consider with my lenses regarding the focal length also will the post production be different regarding the size of sensor?

    1. Hi Tamer, yes a crop camera can work you will have to look at the lenses that are macro and or about equivalent to 80 to 100mm for a full frame camera, I would guess that would be about 50 or 60mm on a crop sensor camera.

  3. Hi Karl

    Second time back on the series. Great advice throughout.

    My question is I have a Nikon D7200, I use to shoot small antiques, I sell online. I note you are not a big fan of crop sensor in the intro, so would I be better upgrading to say a Nikon D750 or D780, if so would either do as good a job?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lee, I’m not a fan of crop sensors simply because FF can offer you more but the problem you will have in upgrading to a FF is that you will also need to upgrade your lenses too. If you’re shooting requirements are very specific as you have described then you may not notice and great benefit, especially with small objects where you need greater depth of field which effectively a crop sensor camera offers.

  4. huesimagingsolutions

    Hi Karl,

    I am a product photographer specializing in Jewelry. I currently shoot with a Lumix S1R with a SIGMA 105mm F2.8 DG DN MACRO. I get very good results however while shooting rings or small earrings, I cannot use the full sensor because of the limits of the focal length. I am looking to add more reach while working on these smaller items to control the reflections. I focus stack so I have lots of play in my exposer settings, in fact I can work with very shallow steps in the camera’s focus bracketing. I am thinking of adding a 2x teleconverter to this lens to add the reach. Is this a suitable solution or should I just look for a longer zoom lens that will allow me to use the whole sensor? Thank you for your workshops!!

    1. Hi, I’m afraid we don’t know the systems of all the cameras on the market as there are too many variables to keep track of. What you mention sounds feasible but you should check if the 2x convertor will increase your shooting distance and therefore make your subject smaller.

  5. Hi Karl, is it okay to use Sigma 70-200 mm 2.8 lens? I know you said that it needs to be a fix lens, but the budget wont allow for now. Thanks.

    1. Hi, yes you can use that lens at the 70-100 range but you’ll find after time that it’s a difficult lens to work with because it is big and heavy and it might not focus close enough.

  6. I have my online Business where we sell on amazon, what about using Smart Phone as we can’t afford to buy Professional Cameras, any top tips? Thanks

    1. Hi, you can use smart phones for photography. The most important thing is actually lighting for product images and most other images.

    2. Hi Carl,
      Thanks for your prompt response, can you please recommend backgrounds material , product display and drop back to use for product Photography for amazon. Basically, I am looking to do all images for amazon working from home ,I have limited space, it will be difficult to create studio as i need just basic image which shows product details with white background.
      I bought white backdrop but i couldn’t mange to take a good shoot specially for flat item (yoga mat) 183×16 cm.
      Many Thanks

      1. Hi Roma, I’m afraid I can’t as I have no idea what you are trying to do or what space you have, budget or equipment available. Unfortunately we are not able to offer support on these type of things unless it is something very obvious. Our support is available to all our members for technical and training support that is related to the techniques shown in our training or where members are struggling with a particular lighting technique or training related problem. My advice is for you to watch more of the product and pack shot related classes that match what you want to photograph and consider how they can be applied to what you want to do. Thank you.

  7. Hello, i have Nikon D850, i want to buy lens for product photography?
    can you please recommend me ?
    i want something cheap, not expensive .

    1. Hi, In this video I have recommended the best focal length lenses for product photography. If you have a limited budget then you will have to do some research on which lenses are available at the correct focal length. Unfortunately there are too many too choose from for us to offer a specific recommendation.

  8. Hi Karl,
    I’m happy I discovered your courses. Although I’ve taken one in the past I’ve only returned to the idea now and would like to invest in a camera and lens.
    I was going to get a Canon 90D and a lens to help out with product photography and lifestyle shots for them. But now I listened to this and feeling I should still get a full-frame…
    My focus would most likely be skincare, but as a bonus I would like to be able to capture a bit bigger objects in a small studio as well. I’m going to practice at first and try to go commercial later.
    What lens would you recommend or if I had the option to get a full frame what would be a better price option? I’m currently not able to invest in a 2K plus lens, would rather go for a cheaper option in terms of body and a better lens.
    Really appreciate your input here. thank you so much!

    1. Hi, if you were using a full frame camera then my first choice as mentioned in this video for product or portrait photography would be a focal length of around 70 to 100mm. Canon do an excellent 100mm macro lens which you will see Anna and I using in our food photography classes. This lens is good for product closeups but can also be used for portraits. Unfortunately there is never one lens that is perfect for everything but for example I use my 100mm on my camera for most of my work.

  9. Hello Karl Taylor?

    Im new to courses and it usefully to me as Beginner. But recently i bought a Camera A sony a6400 aps-c for product photograph which micro Lens should i use or change the camera ?

  10. Hello Karl,

    Thank you for such great class. Quick question, do you have new Sony camera setup and default setting guides for product photography.

    Thank you,

  11. jasonh

    Great course! Thank you. I do have a question about lenses. I do bottle photography and lifestyle photography for bottles. I have a Canon Rebel 17. What type of lense would you recommend for product/lifestyle bottle photography?

    Thank you in advance.

      1. jasonh

        Thank you for responding Karl. I looked in my manual and on my camera and I cannot locate the size of my censor for my Canon Rebel. How would I find this information? Thank you.

        1. Hi, there must be a specifications for it somewhere online or in the manual? It should say sensor size in mm? My guess is that it is an APS size crop sensor and if it is then you will likely need a 50mm focal length lens and a Macro version would be very good for product photography.

          1. jasonh

            Ahhh yes. Thank you. I was trying to do some research and I thought a 50mm lens would be best. I seriously appreciate it. I am loving your courses!

  12. Dear Karl, Please could I ask your opinion. I will be shooting jewellery images with gemstones I have been using a Fujifilm x30. This was great for a while when I was starting out but I want invest in a new camera with a better macro lenses, I’m looking for the following credentials.

    Full shame sensor
    100mm macro lens
    Tethering cab abilities
    Focus stacking

    I just don’t know which system to invest in, Canon, Nikon or Sony? Also please note I’m still learning all of the terminology but basically I want to do exactly what you show in your jewellery videos.

    Thank you so much


    1. Hi Tiffany, If it was me starting again with 35mm full frame I would go with Sony and the 90mm Macro G lens which is very sharp. You can tether all of this into Capture One software with focus stacking.

      1. Dear Karl,

        Thank you so much, this is really helpful. I was wavering as it doesn’t have automatic focus stacking and didn’t know if that was a game changer.

        My plan was to buy the following:

        Sony Alpha 7iii Full Frame
        Sony 90mm Macro G

        I also want to thank you for these classes, they really are so insightful and clear to understand.



          1. Brilliant that’s great thank you. I have one more question. The cones are perfect for what I need.

            How do you feel about second hand cameras and lenses?

            Thank you so much


          2. Hi Tiffany, I’ve purchased plenty of second hand kit in the past. You just need to have a good look at it and check it if you can. Second hand from camera retailers is usually OK as they put a 3month guarantee on it. With lenses it’s the obvious things, do they look damaged, do the lenses look clean inside, does the focus turn smoothly, zoom etc, and do the aperture blades close correctly.

  13. Hi
    the 120 macro is 95 mm for 24×36 i think is ok
    And i find full autocus connect with hasselblad
    Fotodiox Pro 48mm Automatic Macro Extension Tube Compatible with Hasselblad XCD-Mount Cameras Such as X1D 50c and X1D II 50c
    Fotodiox Pro 20mm Automatic Macro Extension Tube Compatible with Hasselblad XCD-Mount Cameras Such as X1D 50c and X1D II 50c
    Good day regards

  14. Hi
    I have hasselblad 907X & CFV II 50C, I did not find a macro ring for this camera, would the 120 macro 3.5 lens be suitable for this type of activity because the sensor is smaller than the h series; if not which one?

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