Coca Cola Advertising Shoot Part 3

Bottle and Pouring Liquid
For the final photography stage of this advertising photography product shot we need to achieve the perfect pour directly from the spout of the bottle.

There are several elements to consider such as lighting, freezing the subjects movement, the approach angle, drilling the bottle, clamping the bottle, depth of field and more.

Although the final stage of photography of this image, it is crucial that the components all gel together seamlessly for the desired result and the pouring of the Coca-Cola liquid into the glass has to feel fresh, delicious and realistic.

Pouring liquids always presents it’s challenges as we are dealing with organic matter in motion with only limited control of its direction and dynamics.

For this final stage of photography Karl will guide you through the process to ensure we have all the necessary components to undertake the post production work and produce a seamless finished image.


    1. Hi March/April I think, I’ll have to check with the editing team. As we film and release so much each month they are very busy!

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