Coca Cola Advertising Shoot Part 2

Liquid & Ice in the glass plus further condensation

Now we move into the glass with ice and Coca-Cola liquid in the glass. This may sound much simpler than it actually is as there are multiple factors to consider. Density of the liquid, refraction of light through the ice, internal glass bubbles, liveliness of the liquid, the head of the coca-cola bubbles froth, the condensation on the glass, lighting on the glass and through the glass are just some of the important aspects.

After solving the above we have to find ways to repeat the process with some ‘trade secret’ tricks to ensure that we have multiple takes of the liquid in the glass. We also have to plan that our liquid in the glass will be able to combine seamlessly with our final pouring shot to ensure seamless realism in the final shot.

Again Karl will guide you through his process step by step to ensure we have stage 2 completed to advertising image standards. Through this and the previous class you will learn valuable insight in how to undertake advertising images to the highest standard.


  1. Absolutely loving this shoot!! Makes me feel good deep down inside as Karl tries to determine how best to resolve the various issues that arise in a shoot this difficult – In other words I don’t feel like I’m such an idiot when I struggle as well trying to resolve issues in my own shooting.

    So interesting… so, so challenging!! This is what makes commercial photography such a challenging career!! Frustrating? Yes – But when you nail it… such a great feeling!!

    Karl is providing a Harvard education in photography in this shoot!!

    Billy Walker

    1. Thank you Billy, and yes they don’t all go smoothly. The key I think is in knowing what you want the result to be and knowing you’re going to figure it out… eventually!

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