Coca Cola Advertising Shoot Part 1

Why we made this class:
Originally Karl challenged our members to undertake a Coca Cola advertising style image as one of our popular brief projects. We had hundreds of entries with Jesse Jia finally taking the top spot with a stunning image.

Many members struggled with this particular brief as it was technically challenging and required an in-depth knowledge to achieve the result that Jesse Jia attained. It was from this that members asked if Karl could also undertake the brief to see how he would approach it and provide some insight on undertaking a complicated advertising shoot that had multiple factors to consider for the final shot.

The Process
Due to the complexity of this project it needs to be approached in 4 stages: 1: The Can, 2: The glass with ice, 3: The bottle and pour and 4: the post production.

The Can, lighting and Condensation
In this part 1 class we look at the process and the components required and move directly into the first stage which is the Coca-Cola can, the lighting, the condensation droplets, the camera position and solving the background elements of the composition so that stage 1 of the shot can be completed to advertising standards. Only when we have found solutions to these problems will we be ready to move on to the glass and ice.

Karl will provide step by step and highly detailed solutions to delivering this complex image to advertising standards.


  1. Hello Karl, instead of cutting the foam board to use as a fill light in the front of the can, wouldn’t it have been better to use a flexible white reflector that you would hold in a curved pattern?

    1. Hi, if you mean the one that is facing directly towards the front of the can then you could use anything opaque and white as long as it fitted the gap. The benefit of card or foam board is that it doesn’t have any wrinkles which is what can happen with fabrics.

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