Collaboration and Teamwork

When makeup artists and photographers work together, the results can be spectacular – if you do it right.

Whether you’re doing the makeup or taking the photos, working with a team requires careful preparation and communication.

In this class, professional makeup artist Tamara Tott shares her tips for putting together the best possible team, and for getting the best possible results out of each collaboration.

From the value of mood boards to balancing careful planning with creative spontaneity, you’ll learn how fluidity and flexibility can help you make the most of your collaborative projects.

In this class:

  • How to choose a makeup artist for a photoshoot
  • Tips for successful collaboration
  • Using mood boards to convey your vision
  • The importance of good preparation
  • Why communication is key
  • The value of being flexible

Whether you’re a natural team-player or someone who prefers to work alone, this class will give you the insights and confidence you need to make every collaboration a success.

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