Makeup for Photoshoots vs Occasions

Discover how successful makeup artists tackle different jobs.

For a makeup artist, working with a model on a photoshoot and preparing a private client for a special event require very different approaches. Learn how to excel at both with this easy-to-follow class, presented by professional makeup artist Tamara Tott.

From weddings to glitzy red-carpet galas, special occasions demand flawless, long-lasting looks. Discover how to choose the right products for your client’s skin type, ensuring they look their best from the start of the event till the very end.

Photoshoots are a different ballgame. For beauty and editorial work, you may need to deliver as many as six (or more!) looks over the course of a single shoot. Find out which products and textures work best and keep skin looking fresh throughout multiple different looks.

In this class:

  • Makeup artistry for special events
  • Wedding makeup
  • Red-carpet makeup
  • Working with private clients
  • Makeup artistry for photoshoots
  • Choosing the right products for different skin types
  • Keeping skin fresh through multiple looks

Watching this class will give you a deeper understanding of how professional makeup artists adapt their methods and materials to suit each specific job. By the end, you’ll feel equipped and inspired to tackle even the most challenging assignment.

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  1. Gary Stasiuk

    Question about logistics and scheduling.. If you were doing a fashion session, a single model with normal beauty makeup, as a starting point. How much time do you allow for makeup? And it also sounds like you might need makeup to shift mid session to another style as mentioned in the video. How much time do you accommodate for that? The photographer can adjust lights or modify the set or just hang around and/or keep busy.. I’m sure. I’m just asking so I know what is reasonable and how you plan ahead with an understanding of what your people need.

    1. Hi Gary, easy answer is I allow 45mins to one hour as a maximum and a good make up artist can achieve this. So if you only had a single model you could get about 4 to 5 looks done in a day because while the model is being made up again then you create your next lighting setup and test it on your assistant (or mannequin). Sometimes a makeup fix will be needed during the shoot but this can be as little as 5mins.

      1. Gary Stasiuk

        BTW.. these videos are really good. I’m looking forward to the additions as they come along. It is unlikely that I will ever do the makeup myself. But honestly, I come from a family of boys, with two sons.. I am so unaware of the whole process and yet I do need to understand how it all gets put together if I honestly want to shoot cosmetics. I have lengthy conversations at makeup counters when I can, and when it doesn’t seem too creepy (lol). I always like to understand the products enough to make relevant work. Plus at some point soon I want to work with makeup artists on fashion shoots.

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