Creative Glitter Mask

Unmask your boldest creative visions with this cutting-edge class.

You’ve never seen a makeup tutorial quite like this one! Join professional makeup artist Tamara Tott as she reveals the products, ideas and techniques you need to recreate this truly sensational look.

Discover how to craft this incredible glitter mask, from preparing the model’s skin to adding the finishing touches – including those fabulous lips.

To make a mask like this work, you need to use the perfect combination of products, and apply them like a pro. Tamara shows you how , guiding you through each and every step.

In this class:

  • Creative makeup artistry tips from a professional
  • Glitter mask makeup artistry
  • How to select the right products
  • How to prep the model’s skin
  • How to apply products for perfect coverage
  • Crafting the jewelled lips

Once you’ve discovered the secrets behind this kind of high-concept look, you’ll feel inspired and empowered to explore your own wildest creative dreams!

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