Special Occasion Makeup

Impress your private clients with this gorgeous, long-lasting look.

All good makeups artists know that preparing a client for a special event requires a very different approach than preparing a model for a photoshoot. (Want to know more? Check out Makeup for Photoshoots vs Special Occasions.)

In this comprehensive class, professional makeup artist Tamara Tott shows you how to create a stylish, elegant and durable look that will keep your client looking fabulous for the duration of their wedding, party, red-carpet gala or other special occasion.

Thanks to her experience crafting red-carpet looks for high-profile events like the Cannes Film Festival, Tamara is the ideal instructor for this kind of project.

Though the look may appear simple at first glance, building in longevity without compromising finish requires very specific products and techniques. Let Tamara break it down for you, step by step.

In this class:

  • Tips and techniques from a red-carpet makeup master
  • Working with private clients for special events
  • Choosing the right products for special-occasion makeup
  • How to apply makeup for occasions
  • Crafting stunning looks that last

After watching this class, you’ll have the knowledge, confidence and inspiration you need to create truly beautiful special-occasion makeup that will keep clients coming back for more!


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