The Challenges of Shooting Fashion on Location

No matter how much planning you do, things will never go perfectly to plan. Watch as Karl and the team depart on their trip to Iceland and see how not all went totally smoothly when bad weather struck and the first photoshoot went wrong.


  1. Enjoying these videos on location. In previous vids you did say you have to do your location scouting and in spite of the unpleasant weather the location here is beautiful. Good thing there was no bad tempered wild life to contend with.

  2. Hello Karl. I would have loved to place gelled strobes behind the ice to give different colors and tried to make something of the location. Maybe speedlights could have worked in the low ambient light conditions?

    It would take a brave soul to wade into the water to place the lights though. Maybe you could have packed a small raft or an inflatable dinghy. I am just letting my imagination wander here…

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