Equipment and Growing Your Studio

As a business owner, the goal is always to grow and expand your business. However, this is not something that happens over night.

In this class, Karl talks honestly about the progression of his own business and how he has grown his studio over the years. He shares his insight and advice on how you can grow your own studio too. He explores the key thoughts and considerations when expanding a business, what to think about before investing and what you can do to sustain your business.

In this class:

  • The growth and expansion of Karl Taylor Photography
  • Thoughts and considerations when expanding your business and studio
  • What to consider for expansion, growth and reinvestment
  • What to consider when investing in your business
  • Ways to facilitate a sustainable business
Business growth

The growth of my business over the years.

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    1. Hi, I will be using the new X2D for most of my work as soon as it arrives, i’m still waiting for it with the 55mm and 90mm lens.

  1. I love your new studio..I started my first studio 4 years ago and it was like your studio no.2, I moved 2 years ago to a larger one which is the same size as your studio 3. I only do pet photography at the moment but looking to add products photography as a side thing.

  2. Studio 4 ist an absolute dream!
    I´m currently in the sitation about starting a studio despite all odds of the corona pandemic but this course is the perfect input I needed now.
    I´ll start gradually growing with studio 4 as final goal.

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