Face Shapes

For makeup artists, each face shape requires a different approach. Master them all with this in-depth class.

Understanding different face shapes and how to work with them is essential for any aspiring makeup artist. It’s also useful for your own personal beauty routine.

In this class, experienced professional makeup artist Tamara Tott introduces you to the nine most common face shapes, including oval, diamond, and heart.

You’ll learn how to identify each of these shapes, including the one considered to be most desirable. You’ll also learn how to contour each accordingly to achieve the best possible results.

Next, you’ll watch Tamara deliver a fascinating practical demonstration, working with regular Visual Education model Kariss as she puts all these tips and techniques into practice.

In this class:

  • The nine most common face shapes
  • The most desirable face shape
  • How to identify face shapes
  • How to contour each face shape

Boosting your knowledge of face shapes with this easy-to-follow class will boost your confidence and creativity as you continue your makeup artistry journey.

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  1. As a photographer I would like to shape the face with light and angles. I find that when muas add contouring it looks muddy and the shadows can seem off especially if not done right

  2. jeahn

    As a man with a beard, it’s pretty hard trying to determine my face shape. So I’ve made my own category, the “Oval Lumberjack” 😂 It requires no contouring, just a black and white edit with loads of “clarity” slider haha. In all seriousness though, this is a fantastic lesson 🙂 thanks

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