Makeup Hygiene

Professional makeup artists take hygiene seriously. Find out why – and how.

In this class, makeup master Tamara Tott explains the importance of maintaining beauty-industry standards on every job. This includes taking care of your own personal hygiene and appearance, as well as keeping all of your tools and materials clean and tidy.

Find out what steps you should take to make sure you look (and smell!) like a pro. Discover the cleaning products and techniques that Tamara relies on, plus her recommended practices for avoiding cross-contamination.

You’ll even discover the secret recipe for her magic DIY brush-cleaning formula!

In this class:

  • Beauty-industry hygiene standards
  • Personal hygiene and appearance for makeup artists
  • Cleaning products and techniques for makeup artists
  • How to clean your brushes with a homemade formula

Once you’ve watched this class, you’ll have a better understanding of the importance of hygiene in makeup artistry. You’ll know how to prepare for each job, and how to maintain best hygiene practices as you work.

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