Flawless Canvas and Red Pout

Discover how to craft a striking, edgy beauty look.

Join professional makeup artist Tamara Tott for another in-depth makeup artistry tutorial. With more than a decade’s experience working with some of the top names in the industry, Tamara has a wealth of knowledge to share. As you follow her step-by-step through this comprehensive tutorial, you’ll discover the products and techniques you need to create this stunning beauty look with editorial vibes.

Tamara begins with foundation for super-even, velvety skin, before applying concealer. She shows you how to use a contouring stick to sculpt the cheekbones, jawline and nose. Moving on to the eyes, Tamara demonstrates how to define the eyes with gel eyeliner, including inside the waterline – a tricky technique that Tamara makes easy. You’ll also watch her apply false lashes, mascara, and brow gel and pomade.

The centrepiece of the look is the strong red pout. Tamara walks you through exactly which products, tools and application techniques you need to get the lips just right. Finishing with some blusher and highlights, plus an explanation of the ‘baking’ technique, Tamara delivers a stunning look ready for model Chelsea’s photoshoot with Karl Taylor.

Flawless skin, strong brows, punchy lashes and a vintage red lip – if you want to succeed as a makeup artist, you need this look in your repertoire!

In this class:

  • How to create an edgy beauty look
  • How to select the right products
  • Professional application and hygiene tips
  • Creating the perfect class red lip
  • Strong brows and punchy lashes
  • How to work with a model
  • Preparing a model for a photoshoot

Don’t miss this chance to learn from a seasoned professional who wants to help you take your makeup artistry to the next level.

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