Colourful Cat Eye

Blow clients’ minds with this spectacular take on the classic cat eye.

From luscious lashes to sensational shadow, this breathtaking look is one you definitely need to master! Let professional makeup artist Tamara Tott guide you through every step of the process, from choosing your products and selecting your colours to application and finishing touches.

In this makeup artistry masterclass, Tamara shows you how to craft a strong and colourful cat eye look, perfect for a beauty photo shoot. Working with a blue colour palette, she begins with cream eyeshadow, teaching you how to add and blend with different brushes. Tamara also demonstrates how to create gorgeous transitions between shades, and how to achieve a three-dimensional effect with matte and reflective textures.

You’ll learn how to apply eyeshadow along the waterline, and how to attach strip lashes, without causing any irritation to your model/client’s eyes. She completes the tutorial with mascara for full lower lashes, nude lip tones and blue-toned highlights on the cheekbones. The end result is truly stunning and guaranteed to inspire you to create your own version!

In this class:

  • How to create a colourful cat eye look
  • How to select the right products
  • How to choose the right colours
  • How to apply like a pro
  • Achieving 3D effects with eyeshadow
  • Lash techniques
  • Nude lip tones

Thanks to Tamara’s simple but effective teaching style, you’ll absorb a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up tons of tips and new techniques from an artist working at the top of her game!

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