G-Drive and G-Dock Review

In this video Karl you through my preferred hard drive storage workflow and explain why I use the G-Technology EV drives. Plus I give them the water and drop test!


  1. BobShaw

    Hi Karl,
    I am really enjoying the training but I have to challenge you saying that Raid 1 provides backup. All it does is provide a copy. If the file is corrupted, deleted or the drive formatted by accident or destroyed by lightning then so is the copy. The test of backup is to create a file on Monday, delete it on Tuesday, get it back on Wednesday.

    Timemachine provides backup because it creates a time stamped copy. If you deleted the file on Tuesday then you can go to the backup (like reversing) that you took on Monday and drag and drop it back.

    1. Hi Bob, yes that’s true. I use Raid 5 which allows for one drive to fail without causing me too much trouble but as you say if there was fire or something then I’d be in trouble but unfortunately I can’t budget for duplicating years of work on more drives. I copy my favourite portfolio images to other drives just in case and our video editor runs two 100TB Raid 5, with one being a clone of the other one. like you I use Time machine and a small portable drive just for backing up my admin, email and stuff on my laptop.

  2. I liked this system with very cool G technology. I use the 5 year Lacie Rugged platform and I really like it. I’ve never had a problem. But this one made me impressed by the mobility of changing units.

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