Kurt Geiger Rainbow Handbag Shoot

In this masterclass, we’ll explore the intricacies of photographing a challenging multi-colored metallic Kurt Geiger handbag. Karl will lead you through a detailed step-by-step process.

Starting with composition, Karl positions the handbag upside down on layers of matte white acrylic to enhance depth, whilst adjusting the finer details such as the handbag straps.

You’ll also learn precise lighting techniques as Karl methodically adds one light at a time to address and overcome each challenge. Karl begins with a single light bouncing off a low ceiling to create gradients and prevent harsh direct light. Reflectors will also be incorporated to further refine and manipulate the lighting dynamics, ensuring optimal illumination for capturing the handbag’s essence.


  1. filippo-72990

    It seems that the golden chain is not fully shiny as it could be. Do you think that the chain could have been shot separately using a translucent cone as in jewelry photography?

    1. SirFrogsworth

      I don’t think that is a gold colored chain, nor is it very shiny. Looks more like a duller brown color and I think Karl captured that well. If he made it shiny gold it would have looked like a different material than it is.

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