Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 1)

In this post-production class, Karl begins his retouching work on his favourite shot from Hard-Light Beauty Shoot.

His goal is to ease the viewer’s journey around the image, and in doing so to achieve a striking, magazine-style beauty image.

As he removes distractions, undertakes some reshaping and does a general clean-up, you’ll see Karl demonstrate the Paint Tool, the Healing Brush, the Liquify filter and more, plus how to use layers and add noise.

In this class:

  • Post-production tools and techniques for beauty photography
  • Photoshop tips for beauty retouching
  • How to use the Liquify filter in Photoshop
  • Using the Paint Tool and Healing Brush in Photoshop

Watch Karl continue this retouch in Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 2).

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© Karl Taylor


  1. Masausuki

    Hi Karl, I really learning a lot from you. Especially the way how you observe images. Looking at the very fine details, understanding how to convey the right emotions through photography.
    There are so much people who cares only about gears, lighting ratios and manipulating for nothing on Photoshop all these nonsenses. But you are giving a true education! Thank you!

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