Hasselblad X1D Portrait Shoot – Part 3


  1. Karl,

    In the X!D shoot you were using autofocus I believe. Did you let the camera choose the focus point through face/eye detection, (if it has that?) or did you manually choose the focus point? Those came out really nice and I have heard bad things about the X1D autofocus is why Im asking this question.

    1. Hi Randy, on this X1D which was version one it didn’t have auto eye detection so I chose the point manually. I’m not sure if the new version 2 model has it or not. I think the focus has been improved on the X1D2.

  2. Thanks!
    I recently bought a Nikon Z7, with several native lenses, love it.
    Still lust for a medium frame Hasselblad X1D2… I know it won’t make me a better photographer, I just Love the image quality. Some day… 🙂

  3. Those 3 part videos are making it so hard to resist purchasing a Hasselblad X1D and 90 mm lens.
    Just don’t have the client base to justify it, yet… sigh.

    1. Hi Steve, the X1d2 is also meant to be much improved but don’t forget a Sony A7 with a good lens or any good 35mm cameras can also yield excellent results.

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