Introduction to Makeup Artistry: Meet Tamara Tott

Ready to learn from a makeup master?

Meet Tamara Tott, your instructor for this amazing series of classes designed to help you take your makeup skills to a professional level.

Tamara is an award-winning makeup artist with more than 12 years’ professional experience.

Her highly detailed and creative makeup work is used by photographers, filmmakers and producers around the world, featuring in a huge range of editorials and ad campaigns. Tamara also works frequently with private clients who depend on her incredible talents for their glamorous red-carpet looks.

In this series, Tamara will be your guide to everything from the history of makeup to the most cutting-edge modern techniques.

You’ll cover every stage of the professional makeup process, from planning and preparation through products and tools to crafting the right look for every photoshoot and special occasion.

You’ll discover a variety of looks, from natural ‘no makeup’ makeup to outrageous creativity. You’ll even learn about the lighting techniques you need to capture these stunning looks successfully on camera!

In this course:

  • Why we use makeup
  • History of makeup
  • Makeup tools, materials and products
  • Hygiene tips for makeup artists
  • How to work with different face shapes
  • Makeup for different lighting
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Makeup for photoshoots vs occasions

If you want to succeed as a makeup artist, don’t miss this series of easy-to-follow classes. By the end, you’ll have the confidence to tackle any assignment and impress even the most demanding clients!

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