Why We Use Makeup

Before you can become a makeup master, you need to understand why it’s so important.

Why do we use makeup? As professional makeup artist Tamara Tott explains in this fascinating class, the reasons have varied greatly over different periods of history and across different cultures.

You’ll learn about why ancient cultures first started using makeup (hint: not just to look pretty!) and the role it played in matters of status and class.

You’ll also cover the role of makeup today and learn how high-definition, high-resolution screens have raised the stakes when it comes to the pursuit of perfection.

Tamara even explains how today’s makeup trends reflect the incredible clarity and sharpness offered by modern lighting and digital displays.

In this class:

  • The origins of makeup
  • The role makeup plays in status and class
  • Self-esteem and makeup
  • Makeup in the digital age

This easy-to-follow class will give you a deeper understanding of the role of makeup, both historically and in our modern, Instagram-obsessed world.

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  1. Gary Stasiuk

    Question for Tamara.. and this is coming from a position of complete ignorance in what it takes to be a professional makeup artist. I assume there is some level of professional education to becoming a makeup artist.. are there education programs that drive the profession, like a two year program, or is this type of knowledge generally gained through hands on experience built up over time? I’ve been photographing some elements of makeup from a product photographers point of view, and chatting as much as I can with sales people at cosmetics outlets to gain some basic knowledge on using makeup.. because I was completely in the dark at even the basics. One thing I found out was almost every person selling seems also to be a freelance makeup artist. I am still a complete neophyte and have never even tried to take the plunge at doing makeup so I’m looking forward to this course if only to understand as much as I can about the process. I guess the crux of this question.. what are the industry standards of education that a good makeup artist is likely to have? Or are makeup artists generally people who plunged in and gained the knowledge because it was just in their soul?

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