Photo Critique: Beauty, Portrait and Fashion

In this live photography show, Karl reviews beauty, portrait and fashion images submitted by members before exploring some of the latest industry news and reviewing some new photography kit.

Karl gives feedback on members’ work, offering advice on how they could be improved, highlighting the strengths of each image and also demonstrates how simple post-production adjustments can give instant improvement.

This insightful show is ideal for those wanting to improve their beauty, portrait and fashion work.

In this critique:

  • How to improve your photography
  • Recognizing what makes an effective image
  • The importance of light and color
  • Separating your subject from the background
  • Creating three-dimensionality in an image
  • Post-production techniques for portrait photography
  • Industry news & useful gear for photographers

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


    1. Hi Angie, each upcoming critique will be shown on your personal home page or in the calendar on your personal home. From there you should find links to either a blog post or similar with a ‘submit your image’ form at the bottom. However they may not be there until about a month before each show. All the best Karl.

  1. Hi Karl! I’d like to see about color calibration course! Great courses by the way I just joined in and it’s absolutely fantastic!

  2. In response to your request for members to tell you what they’d like to see going forwards. I’d love to see you do something on Landscape photography and some travel photography please.

    By the way, great live show with some brill advice.

    1. Hi Jonathan, we have several of those topics covered in our ‘essentials’ section and there are also some interesting landscapes covered in the ‘Fashionscape’ course in the ‘Portrait’ section. We are also currently working on some new Landscape photography modules which we will release as soon as we can. Cheers Karl.

  3. I wish you would make the comment so we can edit them. I don’t like the faces or heads with a total black background. It looks like a disembodied head. It looks unnatural.

  4. The National trust was set up to preserve areas of natural beauty. They were, to the most part given land and property to maintain, and now they want to charge for everyone taking photogrpahs within their boundaries. Its day light bloody robbery, and absolutley disgraceful ?

  5. Hi! Karl, Joined today KTE…and am throughly looking forward for the next live interactive session with you. May i ask when is it ? Your teaching and critiques are very inspirational. Thank you.

  6. Hi Karl, thank’s for your photos critiques, I will think of it for my next photos. The lucky guy :).

    1. Hi Doris, you can see some of that shoot on this video – basically I used a 6ft fluorescent household light tube (like the old kitchen ceiling lights) and had an assistant dressed in black wave it around the model on an 11 second long exposure. The model held her pose very still and then near the end of the exposure another assistant turned the tube off and I fired flash lighting on the model to illuminate her correctly.

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