Reshaping With Liquify (Extra)

With much of his object removal and hair retouching complete, Karl starts work on using the Liquify tool on select areas of his image.

In this Photoshop class Karl shows you how to use the Liquify tool to reshape the hip and waist area. But what happens if the area you want to reshape is close to another area that you want to leave? Karl shows you how to use select features of the Liquify tool to refine your reshaping, as well as how it’s possible to use tools such as the Spot Healing Brush to blend certain changes.

In this Photoshop class you’ll learn:

  • How to retouch a beauty image
  • How to use Photoshop CS4/CS5
  • How to use Photoshop Liquify tool
  • Using Liquify Freeze Mask feature
  • Photoshop Bloat tool and Pucker tool
  • How to use Spot Healing Brush

If you’re working with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, you can learn more in our Photoshop for Photographers course. We also cover more advanced techniques in our Advanced Photoshop for Photographers course, presented with professional retoucher Viktor Fejes.

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