Interview With Commercial Photographer Urs Recher

Urs Recher, a consultant and photographer for broncolor, joins Karl in studio for this live talk show.

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Urs has an encyclopaedic knowledge of photography and lighting, which he shares with our audience throughout this show. In addition to his work for broncolor he also shoots his own personal work, which he and Karl explore together. Urs reveals a number of his lighting techniques, provides insight into his personal project ‘Time Travel’ and reveals how he finds his inspiration.

The pair conclude the show with a members picture critique where they examine and offer feedback on portrait images submitted by members.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Studio photography techniques
  • Lighting setups for creative portrait photography
  • Technical advancements in photography
  • Understanding and controlling light
  • Thinking creatively and finding inspiration
  • Working as a broncolor consultant and photographer

To see more of Karl and Urs make sure to visit our Portrait section, where together they create a series of portrait tutorials, or watch their live workshop. You may also be interested in our ‘Conversations with Urs Recher’ live show.

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  1. Hello, Karl,

    I have a quick question (sort of) about copyright, licensing, and usage with regards to a potential new client. I didn’t see where I might be able to post this on the general business page here, so, I hope it’s ok to put this here.

    I have the opportunity to work with a multi national company (chain of food restaurants) on a shoot and they are asking for full copyright and ownership privilege of the images I take. The images will be used in many ways, print, digital, and otherwise.

    When I plug the details into the fee calculator you provide, I’m getting a number that seems incredibly high to me, but that’s probably just because I’ve never worked for a client like this, nor handed over these privileges.

    I know you will most likely recommend that I not hand over copyright privileges, but, honestly, I can’t really see the benefit to me of holding on to these particular images. That said, I would also want to charge enough to cover what I might have made in usage or licensing.

    Can you give me a little bit of detail and explanation as to what I might be missing and what you would do and why?

    As always, thank you so much, this resource is truly invaluable.

    1. Hi Allison, without giving me the actual name of the client or too much away can you give me details of the shoot you will doing for them (food shots? interiors? people? etc?) and what they are planning to use them for. If you prefer you can email [email protected] and Sara will pass it on to me and I can email you my thoughts back.

  2. DougHowell

    Best fourteen bucks a month I have ever spent. Better than Kelby, better than and both of those are great!
    Karl I hope you and your company makes lots of money. This is a wonderful educational resource.
    You and Urs have excellent chemistry together on screen, if you could, do more with that guy.

    1. Very kind words Doug, thank you very much. Urs features regularly in the ‘Light Source’ course in the ‘Portrait’ section.

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