Interview With Wedding Photographer David Stanbury

For many aspiring photographers, wedding photography is often the first step, but it’s a challenging genre that requires quick thinking, good people skills and outstanding technical knowledge.

Karl is joined in studio by award-winning wedding photographer David Stanbury who, together with his wife Jane, has travelled across the UK (and further afield) photographing a variety of special occasions.

David shares with Karl what makes a good wedding photographer, how to stand out in such a competitive field and which three pictures are the most important on the day. Together he and Karl review a number of his images and David shares the creative thinking behind each shot, as well as his lighting setups.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Wedding photography: How to photograph a successful wedding
  • Establishing good relationships with clients
  • Useful equipment for wedding photography
  • Working under pressure
  • Photographing groups of people
  • Working in different locations
  • How to pose couples for wedding photography
  • The importance of a second shooter
  • Wedding packages and pricing

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  1. Awesome talk. Maybe you know Karl… but my questions are…….
    My 1st question is …..How long does it take David to prepare his proofs and reveal the photos to the bride and groom? 2 weeks?
    My 2nd question is….How long does it take to design the wedding album to print to delivery of the album? Like 1 month…..3 weeks?
    Thank you for your time……

    1. Hi Karen, I got this back from David:
      Answers to the questions:-

      1. Amongst wedding photographers this differs but for us we try and have the images ready for the clients for when they return from honeymoon so normally 2 weeks. We only do a simple edit so colour / density / cropping and a B&W selection etc, the final retouch is only done to the album photo choices.
      The reason is twofold, one obviously they want to see the images asap but more importantly for us we want to keep our wedding service experience going so we invite the couple and their parents into the studio (this is most likely the first time they will have met since going on honeymoon or even the wedding) for a large screen photo reveal and along with glasses of fizz and nibbles they watch and reminisce the emotions of day. The reactions we get are awesome, I’m not sure we would get the same effect if we did the reveal 4 or 5 weeks after the wedding as the ’novelty’ of the whole wedding will have gone by then.

      2. We give our clients approx 4 to 6 weeks to send us their photo choices for the album (if not by 6 weeks we chase them up) we then design the album using an album design software. We use Fundy Designer and a basic album design can literally take minutes and then once the client signs off the final design (the client signing off the design is super important so no come backs after) we send the design to Graphistudio in Italy for production, this takes approx 4 weeks.

  2. Great interview Karl. When David was talking about the umbrella shot, it sounded like he said his wife was behind the bride and groom with a flashlight. I replayed it a couple times to make sure I heard him right. Was he referring to a flashlight as in a household flashlight one would keep in case the power goes out, or was he referring to photography equipment? I just wanted to be clear. Not to duplicate, but just wanting ideas on how to create more light at a wedding or on location without having to carry all of my studio lights with me to a wedding.

  3. I feel the same way Karl , I’m the type of photographer that likes to take my time and get everything ready and perfect. these photographers are very skilled at thinking on their feet, I wish I had this quality, great show mate!

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