LR4 Other Features

In this final chapter, Karl looks at some other features of the Lightroom 4 interface that you could use for editing your photos.

In this class you’ll learn how to prepare your image for print, how to protect your images by adding a watermark and how you can use Lightroom features such as Book, SlideShow, Print and Web to display your images in a professional and pleasing way.

Download the work-along files

In this class:

  • How to use Lightroom 4
  • How to prepare photos for print
  • File formats for printing
  • Which color spaces are best for printing
  • How to resize an image in Lightroom
  • How to add a watermark to an image in Lightroom
  • Displaying your images with Lightroom: Book, SlideShow, Print and Web features

If you’re using Lightroom 6/CC, you can learn how to do this in our Lightroom 6/CC for Photographers course.

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