Luxury Watch Photography Using One Studio Light | Post-Production

When you see an image like this in advertising I’m sure you wonder what Photoshop work goes into creating stunning watch shots like this. Karl shows you how he removes the poles that hold the watch in place to shoot and how to cut out the watch and add it onto a graduated background.


  1. Gary Stasiuk

    Honestly, two things I wish I had an opportunity to use or try.. I currently don’t have access to a beautiful watch to try something like this.. I have some feelers out but nothing yet.. and I would love to try some macro work with a camera that delivers those crazy 100mb files. The detail it produces is striking.

  2. Is there anyway I could get the notes especially for cutting the watch out to another layer and the effects you created. As you were moving very fast Karl? that would help me a lot. Thanks Simon

    1. Hi Simon, I don’t think we have any notes? Please follow the video and replay a few times I’m sure the steps will be quite clear. Also take a look at ‘photoshop for photographers’ in our ‘post production’ section for total clarity.

  3. I find the auto blend function consistantly results with horrible errors in the layer masks. I still use it and manually correct the masks myself afterwords as it is usually faster than starting from scratch. Also watch for slight exposure changes across your shots if your using a focusing rail.

  4. Nice work, the watch looks great. I especially liked your dodging and burning to bring out more interest and contrast.

    Are you aware of the Auto-Blend Layers command? One of the functions of the command is to blend multiple images of a scene with different areas in focus to achieve a composite image with an extended depth of field. Have you used this command? If so, are there problems using it? Here is a link to Adobe’s User Guide for this command:

    I am really enjoying your tutorials and am looking forward to learning much more, particularly in product photography.

    Larry Clay

    1. Hi Larry, yes I use the auto align layers and auto blend on the focus stacking too. As with all computer programs, they are taking a guess at what you are trying to achieve and sometimes they guess well and it’s great and other times I find it better to tweak it manually! 🙂

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