Mountain Dew Project | Part 1: The Brief

What kind of brief does a pro filmmaker receive from their client? Barry Makariou reveals all.

When it comes to advertising campaigns for global brands, nothing is left to chance. And when a top-level filmmaker like Barry Makariou receives a brief from a client, he knows it’s going to be detailed, substantial and comprehensive.

In this class, you’ll discover just how detailed as Barry takes you through every element of the 40-page brief he received from ad agency Bulletproof when he was invited to pitch a treatment for a promotional campaign. The product is Mountain Dew and the creative vision is exciting – and very specific.

You’ll cover every aspect of the brief, from key principles to lighting mood boards, shot lists to storyboards, and much more. As Barry describes how his own ideas and plans were formed by the contents of the brief, you’ll deepen your understanding of how to respond to briefs like this one.

In this class:

  • Insights from a professional filmmaker
  • What to expect in an advertising brief
  • How to respond to an advertising brief
  • Storyboards, shot lists, editing principles and more

To find out how Barry responded to the brief, watch Mountain Dew Project | Part 2: The Pitch.

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