Interview With Nature Photographer Chris Bale

Chris Bale is a self-taught nature photographer. Though his passion for wildlife can be easily traced back to his childhood, he didn’t begin to share this publicly until he was in his mid-thirties. Now in his forties, he’s built up an incredible portfolio and his work features in a variety of nature journals, wildlife magazines and birdwatching guides. He also sells his prints through his own gallery.

Chris joins Karl in the studio for a fascinating talk as they discuss all things nature and wildlife photography, from the key skills to basic equipment for beginners. Together they then review a number of images submitted by members, offering advice on everything from framing to post-production techniques.

In this talk show:

  • How to take good nature photographs
  • The best time for nature photography
  • Displaying and selling your work
  • Useful equipment for nature photography
  • Tips for taking better wildlife photographs
  • Photographing birds in urban locations
  • How to become a wildlife photographer
  • Bird photography tips for beginners

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  1. Really interesting live chat. Be interesting to know how with such long focal lengths you get those crisp eye shots

    1. Hi Jan, this would come down to having the focus selector perfectly on the bird and maintaining a good stable platform such as a tripod to shoot from if the bird is sitting still of course. If it’s in flight then photographers have as many failures on focus as they do successes!

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