Photo/CGI Critique: Cosmetic Products

In this LIVE critique, professional photographer and world-renowned instructor Karl Taylor, joined by Visual Education team member Emma, casts his expert eye over the latest images submitted by Visual Education members. The theme this time is Cosmetic Products.

Composition, styling, lighting – there are so many elements to think about when you're shooting cosmetic products. Getting them all right takes knowledge, creativity, patience and practice. Professional feedback helps, too!

Whether or not you sent Karl your shot, this LIVE photography and CGI critique is a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques and enhance your skills. As Karl and Emma examine each image, identifying strengths and weakness and suggesting possible improvements, you'll pick up a host of useful ideas and tips to help youΒ transform your product images from good to great.


  1. Karl & Co.,

    Thank you for the critique of all our images. Invaluable as always.

    While I agree my submission was too simplistic (maybe better as a pack shot) my concentration was on the lighting and dimensionality, which you seemed to appreciate so I’m delighted with that.

    Full disclosure: This was a flat lay using the KT Light Cone. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Karl & Emma, sadly I missed the beginning of the live, the reason I used a piece of wood underneath, is that the perfume is made from Oud, which is famous in the Middle East. It’s a type of wood with a distinct scent.
    I showed it to the salesman in the shop, he said the wood looks exactly like the type of wood they use for this product.
    Thanks for the comment, next time I’ll pay attention to these details.

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